[Explanation] Mongolian cashmere sweaters, Italian red wine, Malaysian candies... On December 31, the National Welcome Consumption Festival and the Global Shopping·New Year's Festival with the theme of "Love and Enjoy Xinjiang Consumption" was held in bonded direct purchase at Ximen, Urumqi. The center is officially launched.

  [Explanation] Walking into the venue, the reporter saw that more than a thousand cross-border imported products from more than 30 countries and regions around the world, including France, Russia, Italy, and Iran, were brought together for consumers to choose from. More than high-quality enterprises came to participate in this consumer festival.

Ma Xuezhi from Shandong participated in the festival with various products from his hometown. In less than two hours, more than half of his canned yellow croaker had been sold.

  [Concurrent] Shandong merchant Ma Xuezhi

  I sold it here today. At the beginning, it felt okay. The location is also good, the traffic is more convenient, and the environment is also very good. The products here are all lower than 30% of the price on the market. It should become more and more in the later stage. the better.

  [Explanation] During the event, 9 co-organizers and more than 2,000 merchant stores simultaneously invested more than 170 million yuan in subsidies. Various cities and cities in Xinjiang will also launch a number of consumption promotion activities or consumption subsidy activities with local characteristics.

  [Concurrent] Urumqi Citizens Plateau

  Come in at the West Gate today to have a look. The Chinese New Year is coming soon. To prepare for the Chinese New Year, buy some New Year’s goods, all kinds of imported food, the price is also good, and the experience is very good.

  [Explanation] It is understood that this consumer festival will last for 3 months and launch ten major sectors, focusing on key areas and key commodities such as automobiles, refined oil products, home appliances, food department stores, and specialty catering. Through government support and guidance, corporate discounts, profit sharing, The form of benefiting consumers further stimulates the vitality of the consumer market, boosts consumer confidence, accelerates consumption recovery, and injects new momentum into the recovery and expansion of consumption in Xinjiang.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Shuo, deputy director of the party group member of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Department of Commerce

  We also hope that through the launch of such a series of consumption-promoting activities with multiple frequency, multiple sessions, multiple themes, multiple formats, and full online and offline coverage, we can effectively stimulate consumption potential and stimulate economic growth. During the period, the development vitality will be restored more quickly.

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]