, December 31 (Zuo Yukun, reporter from Chinanews Finance and Economics) Another year of snow season is coming. Mengyun (pseudonym, the same below) packed up her equipment and prepared to go to Keketuohai International Ski Resort in Xinjiang.

She still remembers her first snow season, practicing on the red cable (intermediate and advanced ski track) in Keketuohai until she sat on the snow track and cried, but finally made progress as she wished.

  Since the Spring Festival last year, Wen Jiao has been in contact with Frisbee for almost a year.

From learning basic movements in the basement to joining clubs and participating in major competitions, Wen Jiao has witnessed more and more people trying, accepting and absorbing this sport.

  The peak travel season for the New Year is approaching, and Jiang Mu, the homestay owner in the suburbs of Beijing, is preparing for a new business - arranging winter camping.

Hot pot, movies, cooking tea around the stove, New Year's Eve concert...Jiang Mu and his customers and friends can't wait to welcome this unique sense of ritual.

  In 2022, in urban, outdoor, ice and snow scenes, people will play new tricks in outdoor sports and social life, and new consumption forms will also spark many new industries.

Data map: Tourists experience the fun of skiing at the Alshan Ski Resort.

Photo courtesy of Propaganda Department of Xing'an League Committee

Skiing: Re-hot ski trails

  "The arc that came out when practicing single edge is really beautiful. Every time a person finishes practicing alone and looks back at the arc drawn by the snowboard, he will laugh." Meng Yun, a girl from the south, only invited her to snowboard for the first time. In the 2-hour coaching session, I learned how to push the slope and the falling leaves, and then I thought about it from the beginning of changing the blade.

Now she mainly plays snowboard carving, and she will stay at the ski resort during the snow season and give lessons according to the situation.

  There is a saying in the skiing world that "the end of the ski path is the orthopedics", and Mengyun was not spared. He suffered a torn ligament in January this year.

But after the snow resumed, she still went to the ski slope with great enthusiasm every day (referring to waiting outside the door before opening for business, and rushing into the ski field to ski the first snow as soon as the gate opened).

  In life, Mengyun has multiple professional identities, has relatively free time, and can take care of skiing.

In her opinion, skiing requires a lot of expenses, such as ski equipment, snow suits and other equipment, transportation and hotel expenses, etc.

But the biggest expense is time. Unless you are a full-time ski instructor or a freelancer, 20 days of snow every year is too much.

  On December 25, Xiaoxiao, a skier in Beijing, drove to a ski resort in the suburbs of Beijing to start the "first ski" of the new snow season. She was surprised to find that there was a long queue at the entrance of the cable car.

  "I didn't expect the heat to recover so quickly. The staff said that almost 1,000 people had already entered the ski resort within an hour of opening. Our friends from the 'Snow Friends Group' were able to monopolize a ski run when they came last week. It seems that This must be a lively snow season!" Xiaoxiao said.

  Big data from Qunar also shows that the popularity of skiing in Beijing continues to rise. During the weekend from December 23rd to December 25th, the sales of tickets for Beijing ski resorts more than doubled compared to the weekend from December 16th to December 18th.

The staff of a customer service center of a ski resort in Beijing told reporters that it is expected that the passenger flow will peak again during the New Year's Day holiday, reaching or exceeding the level of the same period in previous years.

  "A fan once asked me on a social platform, can a 'Xiaobai' in his 30s still learn to ski? My answer is that we should not set limits on ourselves, because as long as we are alive, there are infinite possibilities." Mengyun said, Driven by the Beijing Winter Olympics, more and more people have come into contact with and joined the sport of skiing. I hope everyone can be positive and love health and life.

Data map: In the first Beijing Frisbee Open, players from both sides engaged in Frisbee offense and defense.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Yi Haifei

Frisbee: The Movement Towards a Standard

  "When I first came into contact with Frisbee, I just thought it was interesting to throw it around. After playing on the big outdoor lawn for an afternoon, I fell into the pit." After practicing Frisbee for several months, Wen Jiao, By chance, I met the head of a Frisbee club and began to formally understand the sport.

  Even though it was impossible to concentrate on training during the epidemic, Wen Jiao did not stop practicing basic skills, and joined a veteran Frisbee team Hangtime after the club resumed activities.

After the trial training, Wen Jiao has been playing with this Frisbee team, and together with the team won the third place in the first Beijing Frisbee Open.

  "In terms of cost, the average two-hour game of frisbee costs 80-120 yuan, and the frequency of once a week is generally acceptable." Wen Jiao said that the sport of frisbee is very inclusive, whether you want to exercise You can try it for a while, socializing to relieve boredom, or wanting to experience the thrill of winning and losing in competitive sports.

There are also young people who bring their parents to play in the club, as well as frisbee activities for children, which have gradually developed into a family project.

  According to data from iiMedia Consulting, the core market size of China's frisbee industry in 2021 will be 7.59 billion yuan, driving the industry market size to 86.77 billion yuan.

It is expected that the scale of China's frisbee core industry and the scale of the driving industry will continue to grow and the growth rate will accelerate in the next six years.

  "Frisbee taught me a lot, the most important of which is 100% mutual trust. My social circle was small before, but now I have met many interesting friends through Frisbee, including painters, designers, and even pilots, etc. , gave me a lot of inspiration and encouragement in their respective circles, and I think this may make me happier than winning the game." Wen Jiao said.

  According to the analysis, in the future, with the gradual improvement of the epidemic situation and the country's support for the sports industry, the development model of Frisbee will gradually develop from explosive to precise, that is, to specialization, professionalization, and competition.

Data map: Jianshanhai camping base in Zhoushan, Zhejiang.

See picture courtesy of Shanhai Camping Base

Camping: Poems Around You and "Not Far Away"

  Farmers in villages, forests, mountains, rivers and creeks... This is where Jiang Mu, the homestay owner, works and lives.

After graduating from a major in hotel management, she came to the suburbs of Beijing and rented a house with six rooms at a price of 60,000 yuan per year, and started to operate a homestay.

  "A relatively large-scale homestay industry has formed in the village. When cross-provincial and inter-city travel is restricted, many people will choose to travel in the suburbs of the city. The overall homestay business has been very good in the past two years." Jiang Mu introduced, during the small long vacation , Usually the rooms in the village are fully booked more than half a month in advance.

The various investments in renting and decoration in the early stage can pay back in two or three years.

  Just this year, Jiang Mu started to come into contact with a new derivative business - camping.

  "Actually, in the past three years, the camping industry has been in a stage of gradual development. Only this year ushered in an explosion, and we also started to cooperate with camping bases to start a business. At present, the camping customers are mainly parents and young people. Accounted for half." Jiang Mu said.

  Jiang Mu mentioned that spring and autumn are recognized as the most suitable seasons for camping.

"But this year, when our homestay accepted reservations for Christmas and New Year's Day, we found that many customers would casually ask if there is any camping project. We did some research and experimented, and found that winter camping that combines elements such as hot pot and cooking tea around the stove is even Snow camping is also very popular recently, and I think this is also a new opportunity for the industry.”

  From an investment point of view, the opportunity of the camping industry is considered to be far greater than that of Frisbee.

The first to enter the market are some individual investors, such as homestay, cultural tourism and even catering investors.

While the stock prices of "camping stocks" such as Mu Gaodi rose in the secondary market, institutional investors also sold intensively in the primary market.

  "Of course, the camping industry is currently facing many problems, such as the impact of the gradual recovery of long-distance travel, the uneven management and services of different campsites, etc. Most of the practitioners we have contacted are in the 'shop-in-shop' mode ( Adding a camping section to hotels, resorts, etc.), the income brought by camping is far less stable than that of homestays." Jiang Mu said that businesses who are serious about camping hope to formulate detailed and specific industry regulatory standards as soon as possible.

  A few days ago, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and other departments issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy and Orderly Development of Camping Tourism and Leisure", which proposed to make the upstream and downstream industrial chains of camping tourism and leisure bigger and stronger, and improve the overall efficiency of the entire industrial chain.

This has tightened the normative "tent" for the wildly growing camping economy.

  Although the leisure and entertainment industry in 2022 is deeply affected by the epidemic, the industry is full of resilience and innovation, and new scenarios, new products, and new consumptions are emerging one after another.

In 2023, which is full of more possibilities, how do you plan to play?

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