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safe freight system for trucks was not even discussed at the plenary session of the National Assembly yesterday (28th), and its effect will disappear after three days.

Truck drivers are concerned that the freight rate will drop right away, but reporter Jung Jun-ho met and heard the story.

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front of the National Assembly this morning.

Cargo Solidarity Chairman Lee Bong-ju, who had been on a hunger strike since the 12th, was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

My health deteriorated due to fasting for 18 days, and I stopped fasting yesterday when the extension of the safe fare system was virtually canceled.

An executive of the Public Transport Workers' Union took over the hunger strike instead.

There are only three days left for the safe fare system, including today.

Container and cement truck drivers who have received safe freight rates may lose hundreds of thousands of won every month starting from the new year.

In addition, as the competition for low-cost orders between transportation companies intensifies, basic fares are also reduced, and there are concerns that they may be driven to overload and speedy operation.

[Cargo driver with 30 years of experience: There is a story that (freight) will be reduced by 30%.

It is known that some shippers postpone transportation orders to next year in anticipation of the sunset of the safe fare system


[Cargo driver with 25 years of experience: Shippers are already bidding (bidding) in January (there is a story.) Overheated competition will happen again.]

Shippers expected that the market would not change significantly even if the safe freight rate system was abolished.

[Cement Association official: (Safe freight rates) are almost market-priced in the transportation market, so I don't expect drastic changes in these areas.]

The consultative body composed of the government and the cargo union is just taking its first steps. La, if the sun goes down, market confusion seems inevitable for the time being.

(Video editing: Kim Byung-jik, VJ: Park Hyun-woo)