Some of them opened “waiting lists” .. and the other was restricted to inmates exclusively

Great demand for hotel restaurant reservations on New Year's Eve

  • Prices for luxury hotel restaurants that offer views are skyrocketing.



Hotel officials confirmed to «Emirates Today» that hotel restaurants in Dubai are witnessing a great demand during the New Year's Day, especially restaurants that offer views of the Dubai skyline, or are located in vital areas such as Downtown Dubai and Jumeirah Beach.

special offers

Luxury and medium-sized hotel restaurants in Dubai launched their special offers for the 2023 New Year's Eve celebrations, as part of comprehensive packages for families and individuals, as well as groups.

Prices varied, based on the menus chosen by the customer, in addition to parties and accompanying entertainment programs, as well as the hotel's location and proximity to vital areas.

A monitoring of 30 luxury hotel restaurants, in addition to restaurants in medium and small hotels, showed significant price increases during the New Year's Eve compared to normal days, in part due to menus specially designed for this occasion, and more varied food options.

The average prices were about 5,000 dirhams in luxury hotel restaurants per person, compared to about 600 dirhams in small and medium hotel restaurants.

Restaurants with a view

The prices of luxury hotel restaurants that offer views of the panoramic beaches and skyline of Dubai, or in vital areas such as “Downtown Dubai” and “Dubai Marina”, witnessed significant increases, at a time when restaurants offered price packages for younger age groups, and some also included The offers are prices for families (more than one person), and some restaurants offer discounted prices within packages if the reservation includes hotel accommodation on this occasion.

The monitoring showed high levels of demand for luxury hotel restaurants, with private reservations running out in five luxury restaurants, and resorting to opening waiting lists for reservations, while some restaurants indicated that reservations for individuals or groups of less than three people had run out.

For guests only

Reservations in some luxury hotel restaurants are limited to hotel residents exclusively within comprehensive packages designed specifically for them, and these restaurants open their doors from eight in the evening until midnight.

A reservation official at a luxury hotel on Jumeirah Beach said that reservations in the four restaurants affiliated with the hotel are full, and were limited to guests exclusively, due to the high demand.

Big order

Hosni Abdel-Hadi, CEO of Carlton Hotels, said that hotel restaurants in Dubai are witnessing great demand during the New Year's Eve, especially those that offer views of the Dubai skyline, or are located in vital areas in Downtown Dubai and Jumeirah Beach, noting that the bulk Many restaurants have offered special offers for this occasion since the beginning of this December.

Abdul Hadi added that the bulk of hotel guests are international visitors, who in turn accounted for a large proportion of restaurant reservations, pointing out that Dubai is a prominent tourist destination in the world during the festive period every year.

Strong bookings

In turn, the regional director of the "Hyatt Hotels Group" in Dubai and the general manager of the "Grand Hyatt" hotel, Fathi Khogli, said: "We have already recorded strong reservations for hotel restaurants," noting that the reservations were primarily intended for guests.

He added that Dubai is a global destination that attracts millions of visitors annually from various markets of the world, and that it is witnessing, during the New Year's Day, a strong demand from both international and domestic tourism.

Khojaly pointed out that hotel restaurant reservation packages extend until midnight, and include entertainment shows, parties, and various menus, with discounts for younger age groups.

Turnout rates

In the same context, the general manager of Tamani Marina Hotel, Walid Al-Awa, said that the demand for restaurant reservations on New Year's Eve is excellent, indicating that there is a significant increase in the rate of reservations compared to other days of events.

Al-Awa added that prices are usually high in various hotel restaurants, given that hotels offer special menus that coincide with the occasion of the New Year, noting that the average revenue during the current year regarding this occasion is higher compared to last year.

Al-Awa pointed to the strong influx of international visitors to Dubai during the holiday period this December, stressing that Dubai is a destination of global stature, and is always witnessing a great demand from both international and domestic tourism.

early time

The CEO of the “Time Hotels Group”, Muhammad Awad Allah, said that hotels were quick to launch special packages for hotel restaurants early, due to the high levels of demand during the New Year’s holiday, indicating that the reservations movement is strong during the current year from international visitors and residents. The state.

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