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government announced a restructuring plan to reduce the quota by more than 10,000 at 350 public institutions.

This is the first time in 14 years since the public institution advancement plan was promoted in 2009 during the Lee Myung-bak administration.

The labor union is protesting, saying it is a measure for the privatization of public institutions.

This is Reporter Lee Hye-mi.

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target of public institution restructuring announced by the government is about 12,000 people, which is 2.8% of the total quota.

Starting with 11,000 next year, it will be gradually reduced over three years.

By institution, 1,041 people from Korea Expressway Corporation Service and more than 700 people from Korea Railroad Corporation are reduced, and KEPCO, Horse Association, and Health Insurance Corporation are also subject to reduction of at least 300 people.

This is an increase of about 5,000 people from the reduction plan originally submitted by each institution in August.

The government revealed that it has chosen restructuring methods such as adjusting functions with reduced demand or overlapping, integrating departments, and improving manpower efficiency.

[Choi Sang-dae/Second Vice Minister of Strategy and Finance: It is estimated that through this quota adjustment, there will be an effect of reducing labor costs for public institutions by up to 760 billion won per year.]

Regarding safety, they said they would increase 600 more people through manpower redeployment. , No specific plan has been revealed in which sector the number of safety personnel will increase.

The two major labor unions are protesting, saying that reducing the functions of public institutions will lead directly to privatization and outsourcing of public services.

In particular, it was pointed out that the government, which emphasizes safety, is threatening citizen safety by reducing personnel in maintenance, management, and security.

[Hong Won-pyo/Public Transportation Workers' Union Director: If you reduce maintenance, there is a risk of an accident.

It is judged that it is in fact contradictory to say that this has nothing to do with safety while reducing manpower in this way.]

The purpose is to improve the efficiency of public institutions' lax management, but in the end, the scale of new recruitment will inevitably be reduced, and job opportunities for young people are expected to decrease. .

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