On December 22, at the Western China International Expo City in Chengdu, Sichuan, in the exhibition hall of "Helping Rural Revitalization and Creating a Better Life", 71-year-old intangible cultural heritage inheritor Liu Jinxia carefully transported her from her hometown of Xichehe Town, Longshan County, Hunan Province The Xiangxi specialty that I brought—Ms. Liu’s mildewed tofu was placed neatly. “Our moldy tofu is handmade using traditional techniques. It has a history of more than 80 years. I am the third generation inheritor. More people know this intangible cultural heritage product."

  The 19th China International Agricultural Products Fair was held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province from December 22nd to 25th. The theme of this year's Agricultural Fair is "Smooth circulation, docking production and sales, technological empowerment, and rural revitalization" to showcase the achievements of agricultural and rural development. Help promote rural revitalization in an all-round way.

  According to reports, the new e-commerce platform Pinduoduo, as one of the exhibitors, brought the characteristics of five key counties for rural revitalization, including Xianfeng County and Laifeng County in Hubei Province, Yongshun County, Longshan County in Hunan Province, and Jianhe County in Guizhou Province. The agricultural products appeared at the Agricultural Fair, and highlighted the measures and cases of helping farmers with science and technology. At the Agricultural Fair, they were favored by exhibitors and audiences from all over the country, and promoted the production and marketing of a series of characteristic agricultural products.

△On December 22, the 19th Agricultural Fair opened in Chengdu. The picture shows the audience visiting the Pinduoduo Pavilion.

Special agricultural products from 5 places appeared at Pinduoduo booth

  Longshan County is located in the northwestern border of Hunan, at the junction of Hunan, Hubei and Chongqing provinces (cities), and is one of the most remote counties (cities) in the province.

Due to the remote location, the characteristic agricultural products of Longshan County have been "raised in deep boudoirs and unknown" for a long time. Take the navel oranges in Liye Town as an example. Liye Town is a large navel orange planting town in western Hunan. Belt, with unique microclimate conditions for citrus planting, "Liye Navel Orange" has been identified as a national green food A-grade product.

  "Everyone knows about Gannan navel oranges, but few people know about our Liye navel oranges." Liu Jun, head of the Longshan County Green World Citrus Planting Professional Cooperative, said that in Shushu Village, where the cooperative is located, every household in the village grows navel oranges, and they work for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Under the recommendation of the cadres, he came to the Agricultural Fair together with Liu Jinxia, ​​the non-heritage inheritor of moldy tofu in Longshan County, and the person in charge of Longshan County’s golden tea and lily. Promote Longshan's characteristic agricultural products with the audience.

Liu Jun said, "In the past, we rarely tried online sales. Only after attending this meeting did we realize the convenience of online store opening and community group buying. The next step is to connect them."

  Xianfeng cabbage, green tea; Yongshun berry tea; Laifengteng tea; Longshan golden tea, moldy tofu, lily, navel orange... Pinduoduo's booth focused on displaying the characteristic agricultural products of 5 counties supported by rural revitalization.

It is understood that the on-site exhibition area of ​​this Agricultural Fair is 100,000 square meters, bringing more than 80,000 kinds of characteristic and high-quality agricultural products from all over the country. Product, technology, information and other cooperation.

△Liu Jinxia, ​​71 years old this year and from Longshan County, Hunan Province, the inheritor of moldy tofu intangible cultural heritage, appeared at the Pinduoduo booth with special products.

  As the largest uplink platform for agricultural products in the country, Pinduoduo started with agriculture and has been cultivating agriculture for a long time to promote the integration of agricultural entities and digitalization.

Since its establishment more than seven years ago, Pinduoduo has adhered to the "zero commission" strategy for agricultural products, and has gone deep into thousands of agricultural production areas to support agricultural and sideline products from villages to cities and farmers to increase production and income. On the basis of "Special Research and Development Project", insist on long-term stable investment, empower farmers with science and technology, guide and optimize the supply chain of agricultural products, and help upgrade the agricultural supply side.

  In order to better serve the upward movement of agricultural products and increase farmers' income, Pinduoduo has held a series of agricultural assistance activities such as "Harvest Festival" and "Farm Products Festival" in the past two years, covering more than 1,000 agricultural production areas across the country.

In July this year, Pinduoduo and the Farmer's Daily jointly launched the "Fresh China's Good Agricultural Products" public welfare and agricultural assistance campaign, aiming to meet consumers' demand for fresh products, improve the added value and premium ability of agricultural products, and promote the healthy development of the industry.

The project takes the season as the axis, searches for the freshest seasonal ingredients across the country, and recommends "a lot of good agricultural products" to nearly 900 million users on the platform through "live broadcasting of early adopters" and special area recommendations.

Science and technology help agriculture, create a better life

  Focus on displaying a number of new technologies, new equipment, and new models in areas such as smart agricultural machinery, digital supply chain, and rural digital governance, and display the achievements of agricultural modernization from multiple angles and levels—in response to the theme of this year's Agricultural Fair, "Prominently Promoting Agriculture with Science and Technology" One of them, Pinduoduo also showcased a series of measures at the booth to help agriculture with science and technology.

  From eating well to eating well and then eating healthily, people's demand for food in modern society is changing.

At the Agricultural Fair, the appearance of a new type of functional wheat has attracted the attention of exhibitors and audiences: the unique gluten protein of wheat will cause special susceptible people to suffer from wheat gluten-related disorders, so they cannot eat it. It is processed from wheat In response to this problem, the research team has developed a new low-gluten wheat germplasm with significantly reduced allergenicity. After being processed into biscuits, it has better performance than wheat flour substitutes such as potato, rice, sweet potato and cornstarch. It has laid an important foundation for the development of gluten-free wheat products and is also the first new low-gluten wheat variety in my country.

  This is a group of functional wheats created by Pinduoduo and the Wheat Research Center of the Agricultural College of China Agricultural University to carry out cutting-edge exploration and research on key scientific issues of functional wheat, by upgrading key biological breeding technologies and organically integrating them with conventional breeding technologies. Excellent variety.

△Pinduoduo set up a special project of "10 billion agricultural research" to fully combine technological advantages to further promote the digitalization of agriculture.

  Pinduoduo insists on long-term investment in the field of agricultural technology.

In August 2021, Pinduoduo set up a special project of "10 billion agricultural research". This special project is not aimed at commercial value and profit, but is committed to promoting the progress of agricultural science and technology, with the goal of further motivating and gaining the sense of gain for agricultural science and technology workers and laborers.

Pinduoduo will use the special funds for agricultural research to fully combine its technological advantages to further promote the digitalization of agriculture, and will launch breakthroughs in technologies such as cutting-edge nutrition science and precision agriculture.

At present, Pinduoduo has successively cooperated with domestic and foreign scientific research teams such as the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation, and Zhejiang University to conduct in-depth research in the fields of scientific planting, agricultural robots, smart agriculture, and future food.

  At the opening event of the Agricultural Fair that day, relevant experts from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and the Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences also delivered keynote speeches. Exchange and promote together.” The relevant person in charge of Pinduoduo said.