Securities Daily reporter Wang Jun Trainee reporter He Wangjuan

  In recent days, the resumption of work and production across the country is pressing the "accelerator button".

A reporter from "Securities Daily" found that, as the carrier of offline scene consumption, the traffic flow of major shopping malls in Beijing has recovered significantly recently, and there are even long queues in some shopping malls and catering stores.

  In other parts of the country, boosted by multiple good news such as the issuance of consumer coupons, the passenger flow of offline cinemas, catering, hotel tourism, script killings and other consumption scenarios is also gradually picking up.

  Judging from the performance of the secondary market, several consumer sectors have seen significant increases since December.

According to data from Oriental Fortune, from December 1st to December 20th, the food and beverage, tourism hotel, aviation and airport industry sectors and the duty-free concept sector rose significantly, with the highest increase of more than 10% in the range of multiple industry indexes.

  Passenger flow of shopping malls in Beijing picks up gradually

  "Avatar 2", which was released on December 16, heated up the long-dormant film market, and also led to the recovery of shopping mall passenger flow.

  "There are a lot of people watching movies on weekends, and a Dolby theater that can accommodate 230 people can watch about 160 people." It turns out that even on weekdays, many consumers are queuing up to wait for the movie to start.

The studio staff told reporters that since "Avatar 2" was released, the number of people in the theater has gradually increased.

  It is worth mentioning that, according to the data of Maoyan Professional Edition, on the first day of "Avatar 2" release on December 16, the operating rate of theaters across the country was 83.20%, and 10,398 theaters were open. The operating rate of Sky Cinema returned to 80%.

As of December 19, the operating rate of theaters across the country remained at around 80%.

  During the visit, the reporter found that the passenger flow of many shopping malls in Beijing has recovered significantly, and the stores of some listed catering companies have also ushered in a small peak of consumption.

On December 18, the reporter saw a long-lost queuing consumption scene at Xihongmen Huiju Shopping Mall. The Manner store on the first floor even had a "explosive order". The busy waiters even stopped taking orders because they were too busy.

  "Chaoyang Joy City, Xin'ao Shopping Center, Shijingshan Wanda and other stores ushered in the first weekend consumption peak after the 'New Ten Articles', and the customer flow of stores in Yanjiao, Baoding, Handan and other cities is also recovering." The relevant person in charge of Xiabu Group said that "Securities Daily" reporter said.

  "Although it has not yet returned to the pre-epidemic level, there is a small peak of consumption in the two days of the weekend, and there are a small number of queues during dinner time." A staff member of Haidilao's Beijing store told the "Securities Daily" reporter.

  At the same time, many script killing shops also began to resume business on December 19.

"The store has been killing these two days, and consumers can make an appointment for this Thursday at the earliest." A staff member of a script killing store in Zhongguancun, Beijing told the "Securities Daily" reporter that when Christmas is approaching, at present, the afternoon of the 24th The sessions have basically been booked out.

  Consumption is expected to return

  Market participants believe that from an internal point of view, my country has the advantage of a super-large-scale market, and the potential for future consumption and investment development is still huge.

Expanding domestic demand is the key support for achieving high-quality development and promoting economic circulation with higher efficiency.

  Similarly, the tourism market has recovered rapidly recently.

According to the "Fliggy 2023 New Year's Day Travel Wind Vane" released by the OTA platform Fliggy on December 14, in the past week, the search volume for New Year's Day, New Year's Eve and other related products has increased by more than 6 times from the previous week, and the number of air ticket bookings for New Year's Day travel has increased from the previous week. The weekly growth rate exceeded 3 times, and the number of product reservations for warm-weather destinations such as Hainan, Yunnan, and Guangdong on New Year’s Day doubled in nearly a week.

  "In addition to hot springs, skiing, going to the park, swimming in the lake, camping, making tea around the stove, killing scripts in hotels, roaming ancient towns, watching fireworks, and mountaineering are the top ten popular ways to play on New Year's Day this year." The relevant person in charge of Fliggy said to " A reporter from the Securities Daily said that in recent days, the hotel play packages that consumers have hoarded during the "Double 11" period this year have ushered in a small peak of reservations.

  In addition to the peak of travel bookings on New Year's Day, winter ice and snow tourism is gradually heating up as ski resorts in Northeast China and North China successively "open their boards".

According to the big data of Tongcheng Travel, the order volume of indoor ski resorts in the South has doubled in the past half month from the previous month.

  Recently, consumer coupons have been issued in many places to boost consumer confidence in the market, and listed companies have also used cash coupons to drive performance growth.

  "In the past three years, local governments have successively launched activities to issue consumer vouchers to help consumption recover, and consumer vouchers have become one of the measures to stimulate performance growth." The relevant person in charge of Xiabu Group said that this time the company plans to invest a total of 500 million yuan in savings. It is worth giving cash vouchers, hoping to help the recovery of consumption through its own capabilities and channels, and to enhance more vitality for the catering industry.

  "The consumer industry is expected to gradually recover in March and April next year." Liu Jiaren, deputy director of the Cinda Securities Research Institute, told the "Securities Daily" reporter that among them, the improvement of consumer sentiment is an important factor for consumption recovery.

"However, it is difficult to use consumer coupons alone to mobilize more money in the hands of consumers. What is more important is to increase consumers' income and consumption optimism."