The fierce conflicts in the international environment and the multi-point spread of the domestic new crown epidemic will make the upcoming 2022 move forward in twists and turns. With the continuous optimization of domestic new crown epidemic prevention and control policies and a series of policies proposed by the recent Central Economic Work Conference , the new year is highly anticipated, what new opportunities will the investment field usher in?

  On December 20, the Ping An Private Bank 2022 Annual Summit was held in Sanya, Hainan with the theme of "Ping An Heirloom, Watching the Prosperity of the Family and the Country".

At the summit, public and private equity leaders from the investment field gathered together to share their investment outlook for 2023. They are optimistic about China's economic recovery and believe that the attractiveness of equity assets will increase.

Global Inflationary Pressure Continues, China's Economic Recovery Is Optimistic

  "This year is a year of great pressure for investors, facing the most uncertain macro environment in the world." Zhou Lingling, general manager of PIMCO China WFOE, said that with geopolitical risks still high and global inflationary pressures continuing, next year's global economic Whether a "soft landing" can be achieved is still unknown.

Sharing by Zhou Lingling, General Manager of PIMCO China WFOE

  "We still don't know how fast inflation will fall." Hua Changchun, chief economist for Greater China of KKR Investment Group, also said that the risk has not been completely eliminated. In the next two years, the United States and Europe will enter a mild recession.

Changchun Hua, Chief Economist of KKR Investment Group Greater China

  Compared with the international macro environment full of variables, China's economic recovery is considered a high probability event.

  Grand View scholar Shi Zhan believes that, as a super-large-scale economy, China is already an unavoidable premise when discussing the international order.

In Hua Changchun's view, the digital economy, energy transformation and consumption will be important drivers for the future development of China's economy.

  Sun Lumin, Co-Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director of Southern Asset Management believes that with the support of a series of policies and the boost of confidence, China's economy will take the lead in stabilizing, and global funds may flow into the Chinese market again.

Sun Lumin, Co-Chief Investment Officer of China Southern Asset Management

  "It is expected that the global economy will be strong and the US will be weak, the rotation of domestic stocks and bonds will usher in a major inflection point, and A shares are expected to enter an upward cycle." Sun Lumin said.

What is the future investment trend?

The attractiveness of equity assets will increase

  Under the complex domestic and international environment, how will the investment market change in 2023?

What new opportunities are there?

  Both Hua Changchun and Sun Lumin believe that as the attractiveness of real estate allocation decreases, residents' asset allocation will be adjusted to other assets such as equity assets.

  "In the future, only real estate in first-tier cities may be the core asset allocation for residents, and others may be less attractive than equity asset allocation." Sun Lumin said.

  "Bonds can protect investors from the impact of economic slowdown, because in a low inflation or deflation environment, bond income will be more attractive." Zhou Lingling pointed out that bonds are seeking income, capital preservation, capital appreciation, reducing volatility, The superiority of hedging against an economic slowdown is an important reason why global investors invest in bonds.

  For China, which adheres to an open policy, how to seek global credit investment opportunities from an international perspective is still an important issue.

  "China's high net worth needs to allocate global bonds." Zhou Lingling believes.

In her opinion, the value of bond investment has returned, and global bonds are larger in scale, with more types, more diversified and more focused on individual bond selection.

  "In the face of an economic recession, core bonds will be the most certain asset class in the world in 2023." She said.

Luxurious "circle of friends" demonstrates the hard power of Ping An Private Bank

  The heated discussion of big names from the public and private equity circles not only predicted the investment trend in 2023, but also revealed the "tip of the iceberg" of Ping An Private Bank's "circle of friends": at this summit, there were international asset management giants Oaktree Capital, KKR, PIMCO, as well as Danshuiquan, Gao Yi Assets, Dachen Caizhi from the domestic first-line private equity circle, as well as leaders in the field of public equity funds, such as Southern Fund and Pengyang Fund, are all partners of Ping An Private Bank.

  In the first half of the year, the asset management balance of Ping An Private Bank's qualified customers was 1.55 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.5% compared with the end of last year. This is due to its diversified and multi-strategy product shelves, as well as product selection and investment research covering multiple markets around the world. , Investment Advisory and Configuration System.

  In terms of private equity, Ping An Private Bank not only covers the products of domestic first-line managers, but also the "Quanguo" fund account products managed by veteran asset management veteran Wang Guobin, and has also won international powerful asset management giants KKR, Berkey, Oak, Baring, PIMCO, Robeco and other products.

  In terms of public offerings, Ping An Private Bank sold the first batch of Beijing Stock Exchange-themed public offering funds in China. In August this year, it also acted as the only channel for the banking industry to sell the first affordable rental housing public offering REITs on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The quota was sold out on the same day.

  "Selecting the best from the best" enables Ping An private line to "choose the best" in the selection of products for consignment sales, and highlights the brand effect of "Ping An Optimal".

In terms of private equity products, Ping An Private Bank has set up a complete and strict evaluation system for private equity companies and products, as well as screening criteria for partner institutions, and strictly inspects partner institutions through qualitative, quantitative, and similar comparisons.

In terms of public offerings, Ping An Private Bank created the "MASTERS" evaluation system, which builds optimal portfolios through the unification of fund managers and market style allocation, the unification of strategic and tactical asset allocation, and the unification of quantitative and qualitative analysis.

  One end of wealth management is the product, and the other end is the customer.

Holding a balance pole, Ping An Private Bank not only builds a high-access full-category shelf, but also takes the lead in proposing the concept of "wealth health" in the industry. Evaluate performance by different dimensions, and take customer needs as the core to provide customers with both online and offline companionship.

  For example, focusing on pre-investment and post-investment management, Ping An Private Bank uses accompanying services to help customers resist market noise interference, invites investment consultants to live broadcast online from time to time, and builds a bridge for direct dialogue and communication between customers and fund managers; I have feelings, starting from the core of improving the health of customers' wealth, and improving the satisfaction with the comprehensive income of customers' accounts.

  Many of the clients participating in the Ping An Private Bank Summit are entrepreneurs. Ping An Private Bank is also the first to launch a top-level private banking service system in China. In terms of rights and interests, it focuses on creating trump card rights and interests such as "medical care, children's education, and charity planning" to provide Customers provide personalized customized solutions to meet scarce non-financial service needs, which has become an important soft power of private banking services; in terms of inheritance, the new "Ping An Family Office" service is launched to meet the needs of Chinese family inheritance from the top-level design; in terms of enterprises, a one-stop It is the first enterprise in the industry to create a comprehensive financial solution, providing entrepreneurs with one-stop solutions such as tailor-made financial services, social circles, brand empowerment, business empowerment, and social value empowerment.