A batch of movie tickets with dozens of yuan lower than the original price are being quietly traded in the market. Not only the 179 yuan "Avatar 2" movie ticket has been directly reduced from 69 yuan to 110 yuan, the original price of fifty or sixty yuan can also be reduced by 1/ 3 or so.

This operation is inseparable from the movie ticket purchaser.

By purchasing coupons and coupons sold by theaters and platforms to specific users, members, and companies in the early stage, or directly purchasing discounted tickets from within, the agent purchaser has stocked up on a batch of low-priced movie tickets, and is offering consumers a low price. While selling at the market price, you can also earn the price difference with the already lower cost. It is not difficult to earn 15-20 yuan per piece, and the monthly sales exceed 1,000 or even 10,000.

Instant buy and sell discounts ranging from tens of yuan

  "I went to watch "Avatar 2" with my friends on weekends. Originally, the two tickets cost more than 300 yuan, but after some manipulations by my friend, it turned out to be more than 100 yuan cheaper." Recalling the process of buying low-priced tickets, consumers Ms. Wang is still a little excited now, "At that time, I saw my friend turn on the mobile phone to find the page of the event, take screenshots, forward, place an order, and pay. After more than 10 minutes, a ticket collection code was sent to the friend's mobile phone. In the end, the two of us I watched the IMAX version of "Avatar 2" for only 190 yuan."

  It turned out that Ms. Wang's friend bought the movie tickets by buying them on behalf of her.

A reporter from Beijing Business Daily also found 5 purchasing agents online for actual experience.

First select the show you want to watch through third-party movie ticketing platforms such as Maoyan and Meituan, check the seats, and send a screenshot of the entire page to the purchasing agent.

According to the other party’s quotation, the original price of 179 yuan per piece, and the third-party platform’s discounted price of 175 yuan per piece of IMAX show “Avatar 2” can be obtained at a minimum of 110 yuan, which is 69 yuan cheaper than the original price.

While the original price is 62 yuan per piece, and the third-party platform’s discounted price is 58 yuan per piece, although the discount amount is not as good as the former, the purchase agent can still reduce the original price by 13-17 yuan.

  "Notify the customer service after placing the order and paying. If the selected seat is sold out, other seats will be purchased nearby to ensure that the seats are connected. Now the ticket can be issued within 5 minutes." The purchasing agent reminded.

  The lower ticket price has already attracted a lot of business for purchasing agents. On the Taobao platform, search for "movie tickets" and rank them according to sales volume. It reached more than 50,000, and there are not a few monthly sales of more than 1,000.

  Many consumers who have purchased tickets through purchasing agents revealed that they can receive the ticket collection code within 1 minute after placing the order, and have also encountered the situation of nearly half an hour, but because the overall fare is much cheaper, sometimes It can also directly save a ticket price, so unless the movie is about to start, waiting for half an hour for the ticket to be issued at other times is also acceptable.

"Price difference" profit monthly income of more than 10,000

  "I've been in this industry for three years, and I don't really have any secrets. What I earn is the price difference." Mr. Fang Zhang, a purchasing agent, told the reporter of Beijing Business Daily, "Usually, the price of our ticket will be lower. A ticket priced at 50 yuan Take movie tickets as an example. I can get them for 20 yuan, and then sell them at 35 yuan. Not only are consumers willing to buy them, but I can also earn 15 yuan per ticket. As long as I sell more than 20 tickets a day on average, it will cost me a month. You can make tens of thousands of dollars."

  How did the purchaser get the low-priced ticket?

  A reporter from Beijing Business Daily found that the cost price of movie tickets is only 20 yuan. The discount coupons issued are resold second-hand and flow into the hands of purchasing agents.

At the same time, there are purchasing agents who can connect with theaters or platforms internally, and directly buy low-priced tickets or exchange coupons with greater discounts.

  Mr. Li, another purchasing agent, revealed that sometimes theaters or platforms will launch special promotions for the public during shopping festivals, such as 5 tickets for 100 yuan, multiple exchange coupons for 99 yuan, or even a flash sale for 1 yuan. At this time, you can also gather people around you to form a small team to grab a wave of tickets.

  Purchasing agents also have their own resource groups, which have also become one of the channels for "replenishment".

"In the group, you can not only exchange information about where there are low-priced tickets, but also directly trade the low-priced tickets with your peers. The final quotation to consumers is based on the cost of buying tickets and the price difference you want to earn. Setting." Mr. Li said.

Does not accept returns and exchanges imply transaction risks

  Low prices attract consumers, but a reporter from the Beijing Business Daily noticed that in the business notices of many purchasing agents, it is directly stated that "movie tickets are not accepted for return and exchange", which also leads to the risk of infringement of consumer rights.

  Ms. Song, a consumer, said that she had previously been unable to watch the movie due to temporary incidents after buying the ticket, and wanted to refund the ticket to the purchasing agent, but the other party did not agree. Change the ticket', but the purchasing agent just won't give you a refund."

  Ms. Hu, a consumer, revealed, "Purchasing on behalf of me has indeed saved me a lot of money, but once a theater temporarily canceled a movie screening, I was not notified at all in advance, and the purchasing agent did not remind or refund the ticket, which made me go for nothing. Time. The purchasing agent initially refused to give a refund, and said to change the show, and it was not until I said that I wanted to complain that the money was refunded.”

  Mr. Zhang said that generally, except for the closure of theaters, other reasons do not accept refunds and exchanges. The main reason is that some theaters themselves do not accept refunds and exchanges, and some theaters do not allow refunds and exchanges. I regret the low ticket price. If it can be refunded or exchanged under any circumstances, the business will be impossible.

  In the eyes of film practitioners, purchasing agents seem to provide consumers with discounts, but in fact they disrupt the development of the film market.

Mr. Wu, manager of a theater in Haidian District, Beijing, said, “Ticket prices will indeed affect the audience’s decision to watch movies, and movie tickets are the main source of income for theaters. In the past two years, due to special factors, the operating pressure of theaters has been relatively high. Launching limited-time promotions, or selling discounted tickets for special groups such as companies and members, the original intention is to directly give the discounts to the audience, rather than becoming a tool for purchasing agents to make money."

  Industry insiders believe that promotional activities launched by theaters and platforms are easy to be exploited by purchasing agents. First of all, tickets with large discounts are relatively rare, and more consumers can only buy at the original price or a few yuan discount generally given by the platform, forming a gap.

And when consumers with large discount coupons have no demand for watching movies, they may resell the tickets to purchasing agents through second-hand platforms, and then the purchasing agents sell them to consumers who want to watch movies but do not have tickets, thus profit.

  Li Jie, a researcher at the digital cultural and creative industry think tank, believes that the emergence of purchasing agents will disturb the normal order of the market, and the transaction risk will also infringe on the rights and interests of consumers, which will gradually extend to harm the theater terminals and even upstream content, which is not conducive to the stability of the film market and recovery.

  Beijing Business Daily reporter Zheng Rui