• We won't insult you by reminding you: this Sunday, France will face Argentina in the World Cup final.

  • A dream day for any footballer, the Everest of a career, of a life.

  • But even when you don't hit the ball, this Sunday can look like a summit.

    20 Minutes

    interviewed a delivery girl, the managers of a bar and a sports journalist about their upcoming Sunday.

“Come, children of the country, the day of glory has arrived.

On Sunday, the French team, led by Didier Deschamps, will try to win a third star against Argentina, in THE match that every footballer dreams of: a World Cup final.

But it's not just for the 22 actors (and their replacements) that the day will be historic.

Because for other professions too, this Sunday promises to be very intense.

20 Minutes

interviewed a Deliveroo delivery girl, the managers of a bar and a sports journalist before the big meeting.

Inès, delivery girl

Pre-match preparation:

“The day before, I start by checking the weather.

Riding in the rain or in windy weather is not the same thing.

I try to walk a few kilometers to warm up my legs, and go to bed early, of course.

A month of competition, it's starting to pull.



Like our Blues, Inès will take "a champion's breakfast".

Oatmeal + wholemeal bread + almonds + eggs, the perfect protein/fat/carbohydrate combo.

It's that the requests are pouring in on match days and that Inès is preparing to have a


worthy of Antoine Griezmann against Morocco.

Yes, “even at 4 p.m., people order.

Especially to mop up the alcohol.

The schedule remains rather a good thing: “It will be daylight at the beginning, and there will still be fewer orders than if it were in the evening.

I'm not sure I'm going to drive more than for the half or the quarter ”, matches which fell at 8 p.m.

Football problem, “usually, some agree to go down to get their delivery at the bottom of the building.

During a match, it's dead, you almost have to go up every time, ”what's even more to shoot the legs.

What this match represents for her:


The sport generally making supporters euphoric and happy, “we get a lot of tips, especially if France wins”.

As soon as we are behind, like against Australia or Tunisia, “it turns tight very quickly.

“Not a soccer player for a penny, Inès therefore still hopes for a French victory, and not in the 89th.

Rather a 3-0 at halftime.

The post-match:

A fear as a woman, “during the victory in 2018, there were a lot of sexist outbursts.

I hope not to come across too many relous”.

In case of defeat, “everyone will go home headlong, and order from home, so that should increase deliveries even more – and reduce tips”.

A win would see people “regroup, even take to the streets, so potentially fewer races.


Julien and Marina, managers of the Saint Hilaire pub in Paris

Pre-match preparation:

Nothing to report the day before, the bar will close at four in the morning, like every Saturday.

Resumption of hostilities a few hours later, on a staggered schedule for this Sunday: 2-8 p.m.

“We will already prepare a little the implementation the day before”.

Placement of tables and reservations in 4-4-2 or 4-5-1, we let them decide.

Opening two hours before kick-off gives everyone time to settle in – the bar is already full

–, to make a lot of turnover on pre-match beers, and to create a good atmosphere: “People come mainly for that”.


Overwhelmed, of course.

Like any team in a big match, the midfield has been reinforced: the bar workforce will include a bartender and a runner this Sunday - a room clerk - in addition to usual, as well as a security service in place for every big game, from France or Paris Saint-Germain.

But even with his welcome reinforcements, you mustn't dream: "It's going to be intense, and we're going to be overwhelmed with glasses to serve.

“As for Inès, the schedule is rather a relief: “We will stick to a minimum and simple kitchen service, no need to prepare dishes like for the matches at 8 p.m.


What the match represents for them:

Romantic version, first of all: “It is for this kind of events that we do this job and that we are a sports pub.

A final is not necessarily the recipe of the year in terms of consumption, but it is certainly the best atmosphere and the most memorable memories.

The bar has already lived through 1998 and 2018, we hope to experience that again.


A more pragmatic version then, "a World Cup is also an opportunity to retain new customers, who come to us somewhat by chance and then decide to stay, for the atmosphere, the memories, and who will come back to each game of the Blues or in the evening.



Of course, partying with everyone in the event of a victory, rinsing out two or three meters of shots and beers for the regulars.

And once all that is over, “just a meal with all the staff members to celebrate this World Cup, which will have been a great success for us.

Victory or defeat, it's a day to live.


Aymeric, sports journalist at

20 Minutes

(yes, we took the crème de la crème)

Pre-match preparation:

On Saturday, it's already a rush for one of our special correspondents in Qatar, responsible for following the Blues, with the pre-match press conference by Didier Deschamps and by Hugo Lloris.

“You never learn much because ''Dédé'' doesn't say anything interesting.

But it puts in the bath.

" Afterwards, an article is to be prepared, " so I will clearly have my head in the handlebars and not too much time to think about the next day's match.

It avoids thinking too much, it's not so bad.



“I risk being like a kid on Christmas morning, excited like a flea with my little FFF pajamas”.

A lie-in to get in shape, a good meal, maybe even a dip in the hotel pool, before heading to the stadium three hours before kick-off.

“During the match, given the poster and the context, the question is: “will I be able to contain myself when the Blues score?”

The answer is obviously no.

Already, against England, I got up like a madman on the goal of Tchouaméni, my seat collapsed.


What the match represents for him:

Attention, emotional sequence: “Covering a World Cup final with the Blues when you are a fan of this team is just madness.


20 Minutes

journalists were in Russia in 2018, and I said to myself '' motherfuckers, I will never experience this ''.

Four years later, here we are again, here I am.

For me, as for the players, it's a childhood dream.

I will do my job in the best possible way, but if we are world champions, I will still shed my tears.

And then, it's always better to write with emotion.



“On post-match evenings, we usually release a lot of articles.

There, in the World Cup final, it could be madness.

Basically, we left for a sleepless night.



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