China News Service, December 10. According to the website of the State Administration for Market Regulation on the 10th, in order to maintain the order of epidemic prevention supplies such as anti-epidemic drugs, masks, antigen detection reagents, and daily necessities such as grain, vegetables, meat, eggs, milk, and quick-frozen food, To help optimize the implementation of new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control measures, prevent and stop improper online transactions, the State Administration for Market Regulation issued a work reminder on regulating the order of online transactions of epidemic-related materials, requiring Internet platform companies to strictly follow the requirements of market supervision and management laws and regulations, and strictly implement the " Eight Responsibilities" to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

  First, we must strictly implement the management responsibilities of operators on the platform.

It is necessary to conscientiously fulfill the obligation of reviewing the qualifications of operators on the platform, and the release of product and service information, strengthen the review and monitoring of operators on the platform and their business activities, optimize the system and rules in a timely manner, and appropriately improve the management of sales of epidemic prevention supplies and basic living materials. The ratio of spot checks to ensure that the relevant information is true and effective.

Strengthen compliance management, strictly prevent false publicity, fraud and other acts by operators on the platform, resolutely prevent operators on the platform from distributing "epidemic wealth", and take necessary measures in a timely manner against operators on the platform that violate laws and regulations.

  Second, we must strictly implement the responsibility for ensuring the supply of epidemic-related materials.

It is necessary to actively respond to changes in online retail demand, make good plans and plans, increase monitoring of the daily purchase and supply of epidemic-related materials, appropriately increase inventory reserves, strengthen stocking and replenishment, storage scheduling, and logistics distribution to ensure epidemic prevention supplies and basic life. The supply of materials ensures that the supply is continuous and stable.

It is not allowed to cancel orders at will and replace products at will, so as to ensure non-stop delivery and help the supply chain of the industrial chain to be stable and smooth.

  Third, we must strictly implement the responsibility for price stability of epidemic-related materials.

It is necessary to follow the pricing principles of fairness, legality, honesty and credit, provide consumers with reasonably priced goods and services, and strictly follow the regulations to clearly mark the price, and accurately and clearly indicate the product name, quantity, price and pricing unit of the goods.

It is strictly forbidden to drive up prices, hoard them, fabricate and spread information about price increases, and cause the prices of goods and services to rise too high and too fast.

Actively control abnormal pricing behaviors to ensure stable prices of epidemic prevention supplies and basic daily necessities.

  Fourth, we must strictly implement food safety and product quality responsibilities.

It is necessary to strictly control the quality of epidemic prevention supplies and basic daily necessities, and the sale of goods that endanger personal and property safety, and the sale of counterfeit and shoddy goods and infringing goods are not allowed.

Strictly follow the relevant requirements to sterilize, test, store, and transport the commodities sold, and take measures to ensure the safety and quality of commodities during logistics and transportation, especially fresh food.

  Fifth, we must strictly implement the responsibility to protect the rights and interests of consumers.

Disclose product information comprehensively, truthfully, accurately and in a timely manner, protect consumers' right to know and right to choose, do not conduct false or misleading commercial publicity on the source, function, quality, sales status, etc. of products, and do not publish false advertisements .

If it is indeed impossible to deliver as agreed due to temporary shortages, difficulties in logistics and distribution, etc., consumers should be notified in a timely manner, and options such as refunds, replacements, and price differences should be provided to effectively protect the rights and interests of consumers.

  Sixth, we must strictly implement the responsibility for resolving online consumption disputes.

It is necessary to improve efficient and convenient complaint acceptance, processing and feedback mechanisms, unblock channels for consumer complaints and reports, promptly accept and efficiently handle complaints and reports, properly handle consumer disputes, and actively assist consumers in safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests.

Supervise the operators on the platform to abide by the seven-day no-reason return of online shopping and the "three guarantees" for online shopping, so as to ensure that consumers can eat, buy and use with peace of mind.

  Seventh, we must strictly implement the responsibility for the management and guarantee of delivery riders.

Strengthen the management, training and guidance of riders on the platform, improve platform rules, and standardize takeaway delivery services.

Strengthen the travel management and safety guarantee of riders, adjust in a timely manner according to the specific measures to further optimize and implement the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in various places, provide necessary epidemic prevention materials such as masks and disinfectant, and provide necessary support for basic needs such as nucleic acid or antigen testing and medical treatment.

  Eighth, we must strictly implement the government-enterprise collaborative governance responsibility.

It is necessary to actively cooperate with the regulatory authorities to investigate and deal with relevant violations of laws and regulations in accordance with the law, and form a benign interaction between platform autonomy and government supervision.

Any problems found in violation of laws and regulations shall be reported to the local market supervision department at or above the county level in a timely manner.

  The market supervision department will promptly discover illegal clues through complaints and reports, network monitoring, public opinion reflection, etc.

Comprehensively use policy guidance, reminders and warnings, administrative penalties and other means to prevent and stop violations of laws and regulations in online transactions, and effectively maintain the order of online transactions.