On the evening of December 8, Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd. grandly held the 30th anniversary celebration meeting in the form of live broadcast.

Li Huisen, Chairman of Lee Kum Kee Health Products Group and Chairman of Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd., Yu Jianglin, Global CEO of Infinitus and Vice Chairman of Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd., members of the company's core management team, market partners, employees, dealer representatives and Guests from all walks of life participated in this online event, and nearly 1.7 million people watched the event online.

  At the meeting, Li Huisen announced the upgraded mission of Infinitus - to promote the excellent Chinese health preservation culture and create a healthier and happier life together.

Infinitus Mission Upgrade Launching Ceremony

The original intention remains unchanged and the mission is upgraded

  Standing at a new starting point for enterprise development, Li Huisen shared his thoughts on the future development of Infinitus with the theme of "Creating a Healthier and Happier Life Together".

  Li Huisen said: "Today, the world is full of changes and challenges, but opportunities also come from changes. In the post-epidemic era, people's demand for health and wellness, the emphasis on traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese health care culture, and the demand for sideline and entrepreneurial opportunities etc. are increasing. In the future, if we want to create greater value for more people, we must follow the trend and actively seek changes, and the first thing we need to clarify again is our mission.”

Li Huisen, Chairman of Lee Kum Kee Health Products Group and Chairman of Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd.

  Xue Shouchun, vice president and chief growth officer of Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd., introduced the background and connotation of the mission upgrade.

He said: "The upgraded mission has both inheritance and development. It clarifies our future direction and goal, and will guide us to fly higher and go further."

Xue Shouchun, Vice President and Chief Growth Officer, Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd.

  Compared with Infinitus' original mission, the upgraded mission statement inherits the original intention of "promoting the excellent Chinese health preservation culture"; the changed part has three key words: "co-creation", "healthier and happier" and "life ".

Infinitus introduced: Incorporating "co-creation" into its mission means that the company will work hand in hand with more consumers, distributors, partners and all walks of life who recognize the culture of health preservation, assume greater social responsibilities, and create a better future together ; and health and happiness are the eternal pursuit of people, writing "healthier and happier" into the mission demonstrates the company's determination to create value for customers and its higher pursuit for the future; and the word "life" It requires enterprises to be customer-centric, integrate products and services into people's lives, and arouse more resonance and recognition.

The core product brand "Yanggujian" made a new appearance

  The upgraded mission puts forward new requirements for brands and products.

At the ceremony, Infinitus officially launched its core product brand - Yanggujian.

It is understood that Yanggujian is formed from Infinitus' unique health concept "Healthy and solid, healthy life", implying that it not only originates from the concept of health, but also carries the concept of health. Through the "three cares"—— Strengthening Qi, calming Yin and Yang, and regulating viscera, combined with the "four rational" healthy lifestyle, achieve the purpose of recuperating the fundamentals and improving people's health.

Xue Shouchun said: "In the future, the company will devote more efforts, focus on areas of strength, launch more Chinese herbal medicine recuperation products, and build Yanggujian into a product brand that can best carry the mission and represent the company, and become a leading health food brand in China. "

Infinitus officially launched its core product brand - Yanggujian

  In this regard, Wang Xinlu, the special guest of the event, the fourth master of traditional Chinese medicine, the first batch of nationally famous Chinese medicine practitioners, and the chief health science popularization expert of the Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said: "An enterprise of Chinese herbal medicine health products should have its own health concept and tell the public. Only by being clear about your views and thoughts on health can people better understand and use your products and services. Infinitus’ health concept captures the core of TCM health preservation, and Yang Gu Jian also captures the essence of TCM health preservation. core."

  At the same time, Liu Run, a well-known domestic business consultant, also shared his insights into the brand: "When an enterprise develops to a certain stage, it is an inevitable trend to separate the corporate brand from the corporate brand. Infinitus' brand upgrade on the occasion of its 30th anniversary is a An important layout for the long-term development in the future."

Consolidate the advantages and embark on a new journey

  Product power is the core of the brand.

At the celebration meeting, Hu Zhenzhong, Vice President of Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd. shared the scientific research and technical support behind Yanggujian. He said that the company will carry out in-depth cooperation with domestic and foreign authoritative experts and institutions in the future to strengthen the mining and development of classic Chinese herbal medicine prescriptions. Inheritance, enhance product strength, continuously expand the field of scientific research and development, and build a competitive moat.

Hu Zhenzhong, Vice President of Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd.

  Zhu Ying, Senior R&D Engineer of Infinitus Health Food, added the latest developments in the company's technological innovation and scientific research cooperation: "In the future, the company will continue to consolidate the core technology of Chinese herbal medicine compound polysaccharides, and cooperate with the Nobel Prize winner Hoffman's team, Academician Wu Qingping's team, etc. Top experts at home and abroad continue to cooperate, deeply cultivate the field of polysaccharides and immunity, and use better technologies and products to protect consumers' immunity."

  Stand at 30 and go far—this is the theme shared by Infinitus Global CEO Yu Jianglin at the celebration conference.

He said: "People pay more attention to health and happiness, a better life is inseparable from social sharing, and the demand for consultative services is increasing, and we are at the right time and in it!"

Yu Jianglin, Global CEO of Infinitus, Vice Chairman of Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd.

  Based on the insight into the trend and in order to undertake the upgraded mission, Infinitus will launch six major strategic actions, namely: new brand layout, building the core product brand Yanggujian; inheriting classic prescriptions, expanding the leading edge of Chinese herbal health food; implementing Spread the concept of health and strengthen the unique market segment; provide a product + service overall health care solution; strengthen the empowerment of the business team to create more health experts; renew the connotation of the business and expand the team of peers.

  Yu Jianglin said: "The upgrade of the mission declares that we will take this as a new starting point and take a more aggressive attitude to temper product quality, refresh the brand image, create new capabilities for online and offline integrated development, and improve the professionalism of the business team. So as to better grasp the future trend and win greater development opportunities.”

  Under the guidance of its mission, the 30-year-old Infinitus is actively grasping the trend, striving to build up its advantages, and embarking on a new journey to promote the excellent Chinese health preservation culture.