, Yinchuan, December 7th (Reporter Li Peishan) Let crabs who are afraid of the cold "warm through the winter", the hairy crab ecological breeding base in Xingqing District, Yinchuan City, Ningxia, has done it.

Lively crabs in the shed.

Photo by Zhou Yue

  The coming of winter indicates that crabs will be off the market, and the crabs from the Saishang Yellow River Hairy Crab Ecological Breeding Base in Xingqing District, Yinchuan City are still continuously supplied to the market, and they are also sold at a good price.

The reporter learned from the interview that the crabs at the base "lived" in the greenhouse early.

In the 2,000-square-meter greenhouse, about 20,000 catties of crabs climbed up and down.

At around 3 p.m., the weather gradually warmed up, and all the crabs in the pond climbed out of the water to bask in the sun.

  Zhang Ting, the person in charge of the base, said that after the peak sales season in the past, the price of crabs has also dropped due to the impact of the climate. "Using greenhouse farming to ensure the normal fishing and feeding of crabs can not only ensure the plumpness, but also ensure our normal production. operation."

  After consulting experts from the Xingqing District Agriculture and Water Bureau, Zhang Ting began to try to "move" the hairy crabs and start the winter storage plan.

"We have specially prepared corn plus chilled fish and shrimp and feed, and do high-density oxygenation from time to time to maintain normal feeding to ensure the plumpness of crabs." Zhang Ting told reporters.

Greenhouse facilities in Chixintian Hairy Crab Breeding Base.

Photo by Zhou Yue

  In December, Zhang Ting began to prepare for off-season sales, so that consumers can enjoy fresh local crabs while feeling the benefits.

"In addition to the purchases by local citizens in Yinchuan, citizens in Xi'an, Lanzhou and other places have also ordered through our live broadcast room." Zhang Ting said that the closer to the Spring Festival, hairy crabs become more in short supply. "After New Year's Day, the price of our crabs per catty It can increase by about 8 yuan, and the sales are expected to increase by about 160,000 yuan."

  The Chixintian Hairy Crab Breeding Base also enjoyed the sweetness of the "moving" of hairy crabs.

Yang Xinli, the technical director of the base, said that more than 6,000 catties of hairy crabs have been stored this year, and it is expected that the economic benefits around the Spring Festival will increase by 50%.

"We are still building a new sightseeing greenhouse. In the future, we will build an ecological base for hairy crabs that integrates breeding, sales, and research. Through research, the local people can truly understand the whole process of crab growth." He said.