• In mid-December, more than two million French households will receive on December 15 at least 152.45 euros.

  • For beneficiaries of the ASS or the AER, the amount of the premium is 152.45 euros

  • For RSA beneficiaries, the amount of the premium varies according to the composition of the household.

As since 1998, with the approach of the holidays, a few million households will receive the precious Christmas bonus.

This year, "2.3 million low-income households" will benefit from this boost, announces the Ministry of Solidarity.

The sum will be paid into their bank account on December 15.

As for its amount, it varies according to the composition of the rent.

Set up by the government of Lionel Jospin in 1998, this aid is granted to beneficiaries of certain social minima, such as the active solidarity income (RSA), the specific solidarity allowance (ASS) and the pension equivalent allowance (AER ), the ministry said in a statement.

How much will eligible households receive?

If a household receives only the ASS or the AER, the amount of the premium is 152.45 euros, regardless of the number of people in the household, indicates the Family Allowance Fund (CAF).

As for RSA beneficiaries, as since 2009, the amount of this Christmas bonus will be 152.45 euros for a single person, 228.67 euros for a two-person household (couple without children, single adult with a child) and 274.41 euros for three people (couple with one child, single adult with two children).

From four people, the amount of the premium is higher for a single-parent household (335.39 euros) than for a couple with two children (320.14 euros) and the premium is supplemented by 60.98 euros per additional child .

How to receive this help?

Eligible households do not have to take any steps to receive it.

This device is in addition to the exceptional solidarity aid of 100 euros, plus 50 euros per dependent child, paid in September to beneficiaries of social minima.

Good to know, for those who have received one of the allowances (RSA, ASS or AER) since December 2022, the payment of the Christmas bonus will take place from January 2023.


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