In order to learn how to deal with terrorist incidents overseas, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs conducted training assuming that companies operating overseas were attacked by armed groups.

This training was conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in response to the attack on a restaurant in Bangladesh six years ago, which killed seven Japanese. It was held for the first time.

Approximately 50 people, including employees of companies operating overseas, participated in the training, and former U.S. soldiers who served as instructors taught them how to quickly lie down when they heard the sound of a gun being fired, and how to avoid being injured by a gunshot. I learned how to stop the bleeding.

After this, a training was conducted on the assumption that an armed group was attacked while eating at a restaurant. I received practical advice such as not to resist to protect my life.

A man who participated said, "I felt that moving my body was completely different from watching and listening. I think I can move quickly in case of emergency."