On December 6, the largest and heaviest cylindrical FPSO (floating production storage and offloading unit) built in China set sail from Qingdao, Shandong, and will arrive in the North Sea of ​​Europe in about 55 days, with a total voyage of over 17,000 nautical miles .

  According to reports, the cylindrical FPSO set sail this time is named "Penguin", which was built by Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. for Shell Oil Company. The overall height is 118 meters, equivalent to a 42-story residential building, and the total weight is about 32,000 tons. , is currently the largest and heaviest cylindrical FPSO built in China, and it is also the cylindrical "offshore oil and gas processing plant" with the highest level of automation control, the most complete intelligent data, and the most advanced design concept delivered by China so far. ".

  In order to smoothly transport the "Penguin" FPSO to the North Sea of ​​Europe, the "dry towing" method of "ship-backed boat" was used for transportation. It has significant advantages in shortening the voyage period and reducing seawater impact damage.

  It is reported that the "Penguin" cylindrical FPSO is another large-scale FPSO delivered overseas by China after the 350,000-ton ultra-large FPSO Brazil P67/P70 project, marking that China has fully mastered the construction and integrated assembly technology of all ship-type FPSOs.

(Reporter Hu Yaojie produced Xu Miaoqiao)

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]