Barthélemy Philippe and Benjamin Peter, edited by Gauthier Delomez 7:54 p.m., December 07, 2022

Elisabeth Borne announced on Wednesday that a fuel allowance of 100 euros will be offered to the ten million most modest workers, after the end of the rebate of ten centimes from January 1.

Europe 1 takes stock of all the practical details to claim this government check.

It is a bonus on which modest drivers will be able to count, after the end of the rebate of ten centimes on fuel on December 31.

This Wednesday, Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne announced that a fuel allowance of 100 euros will replace this discount.

It will be open to French people with low salaries and who need their car to work.

Access threshold, vehicles concerned, procedure to follow to take advantage of it... Europe 1 takes stock of this new device.


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In total, about ten million assets will be able to claim this compensation, but not just anyone.

Assistance will be paid based on 2021 income.

A maximum salary level of 1,315 euros net

For a single person, the access threshold corresponds to a salary of 1,315 euros net maximum, and 3,285 euros for a couple with two children.

According to Matignon, this new fuel check represents a reduction of ten centimes per liter for a worker who drives around 12,000 kilometers per year.

The aid is also cumulative.

For example, a working couple who own two cars can therefore receive this check for 100 euros twice.

All vehicles, whether electric, thermal, and even two-wheelers are concerned. 

How to apply for help

To claim aid, you must go to the site from 1 January.

Once connected, you must indicate your tax number, the license plate and the gray card number of your vehicle.

You will also need to complete a sworn statement proving that you must drive to work.

Thus, this aid will be paid into the bank account during the month of January.

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“100 euros is not negligible, especially these days,” observes a motorist met at a service station in the Toulouse region.

"It's normal that some people take advantage of it", explains another driver, "but it does not replace lower prices and taxes on petroleum products", she underlines.

Others regret exceeding the maximum access threshold to be able to benefit from this discount.