Baptiste Morin 06:12, December 07, 2022

Where will the French go the most on holiday at Christmas?

Thanks to the latest data from the search engine of the travel site Liligo, Europe 1 exclusively reveals the destinations favored by the French who have chosen to fly.

Inflation or not, the latter still want to treat themselves to great holidays for the holidays.

More than D-10 before the start of the Christmas holidays.

If for some, these holidays will be synonymous with stress and excitement as the end of year celebrations approach, for others, it will be a question of rest and a change of scenery.

According to the latest data from the travel search site Liligo and which Europe 1 was able to examine exclusively, of the 10 most popular destinations for Christmas, six are cities more than 5,000 kilometers from France.

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In the lead, New York, followed by Saint-Denis de La Réunion.

There is also Pointe-à-Pitre, Fort de France, Montreal and Bangkok.

"Winter is a good illustration of this need to travel far, either to experience the New Year in New York or Montreal, or to go to the sun in the DOM TOM or even in Bangkok", analyzes Guillaume Rostand, the word of Liligo.

Destination prices on the rise

Inflation does not yet act as a brake for some French people in their choice of travel destination.

The round trip to New York is up 7% over one year, that to Reunion by 8%.

"When we see that the first destinations are at higher prices than last year, we realize that the price is not a barrier but it separates the populations in their choice of destination", explains Guillaume Rostand.

Rising prices are expected to weigh on tourism from February.

Liligo especially fears the consequences next summer.