The "sector" maintains stable performance... and its export volume grows by 52%

49 billion dirhams of “Jafza” petrochemical trade during 2021

The strategic location of Jafza meets the growing demand for petrochemicals in the Middle East and Africa.

From the source

A report by “DB World” confirmed that the petrochemical sector in the Jebel Ali Free Zone (Jafza) has succeeded in maintaining its stable performance, despite the growing challenges that economies around the world are facing due to fluctuations in oil prices and production rates, in addition to what is happening in oil chains. Supply of disturbances.

The report revealed that what confirms this success is the increase in the growth in the volume of exports of the sector during the year 2021 by 52% on an annual basis, at a time when the “Jebel Ali” free zone acquired more than 50% of Dubai’s total trade of “polymers” and petrochemical materials. , with a value exceeding 49 billion dirhams.

Trade flow

The report stated that DB World has supported, through its strategic assets in the UAE and the region, commercial paths for the petrochemical sector and related business systems worldwide, in addition to strengthening multi-modal trade connectivity, providing highly efficient supply chain solutions, and launching its platforms for digital trade.

It is also currently playing a pivotal role in facilitating the growth of the petrochemical sector at the regional and global levels, from its commercial and logistical center in Jebel Ali.

DB World, through its integrated logistics services, enhanced by commercial connectivity through the global petrochemical trade routes and the work system in the commercial and logistical center in Jebel Ali, provides the ideal logistical value for this vital sector, supported by its extensive network of global shipping lines that contribute to the success of the UAE. and the region in general.

commercial link

According to the report, the petrochemical center of DB World, which extends through Jebel Ali Port and the Jebel Ali Free Zone (Jafza), accounts for more than a third of the polymers and petrochemicals trade in the UAE, as it represents storage capacities in accordance with the highest safety standards, which are reinforced by connectivity. Trade, is crucial to the nature of trade and transport of petrochemical commodities.

The solutions provided by Jebel Ali Port also meet all these requirements, and its services are characterized by their low cost, and the implementation of the required operations quickly and efficiently.

international companies

A number of the most important leading companies in the petrochemical sector have Jafza as their regional headquarters, including: Dow, BASF, Total, and Gulf Petrochem.

These companies represent the nucleus of the group of petrochemical companies, which number more than 600 companies operating in the sector.

The strategic and ideal location of Jafza meets the growing demand for these materials in the Middle East and Africa.

While Jafza's strategic location, industrial facilities for processing and ancillary services make it an ideal hub for chemical and petrochemical traders dealing with the growing markets in the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East.

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