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is a friendly economy time.

Viewers who have been with this corner for a long time will probably remember it.

Reporter Kwon Ae-ri is back after two years.

From today (the 5th), I will be with reporter Kwon Ae-ri again.


(Hello, Nice to meet you.

The first news today is related to the year-end tax settlement.

Now, there must be some people who are preparing for the year-end tax settlement, but I heard that there are things that you must know?


Yes, year-end tax settlement is done every year, but in fact, it gets confusing every year.

At the beginning of next year, there may be a part where you say, "Oh, do this, I should have it before it changes."

To prevent that from happening, I'll tell you two things you can easily do today.

I'm sorry for showing you a complicated table when I said it was easy, but it's good to have this information with you even if you capture it later when today's news goes online.

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Annuity savings tax credit limit.

Starting next year, this will be much simpler and the benefits will increase.

I'll tell you again at that time, but by this year, you have to know according to this table.

The bold numbers in the middle here are the maximum amount of tax benefits I can receive when I put money into my pension savings this year.

The amount in parentheses is the maximum amount of savings I can receive tax benefits for this year when I also have an IRP Individual Retirement Account and the money I put into the IRP.


That's right.

But looking at the amount like this, of course, it is the amount put in to receive a tax deduction, but it is not a small amount of money.

However, it seems a bit burdensome to put such a small amount of money in order to receive tax benefits.


] That's right.

That's why they said they don't take care of the IRP account.

I can recommend that you fill up your pension savings limit and save it, which is definitely a benefit.

For example, let's think of a person who is 50 years old and earns 100 million won this year.

He's a pretty high earner.

No matter how high the interest rate is these days, even if this person succeeded in finding a special sale deposit at a savings bank with an interest rate of 6% and putting 6 million won in it, the annual interest rate is 360,000 won.

Taxes will be deducted from that interest.

However, if you fill the pension savings limit with that money, you can cut 720,000 won, twice that amount, from this person's income tax this year.

Since the local income tax deduction is added here, the actual benefit is actually more than 70,000 won greater than that.

The deduction rate for low-income people is higher, and there are few items that give this level of tax benefit to some high-income people.

There are many people who are disappointed with the interest rate of pension savings products. By the way, pension savings can be deposited in a bank, but there are also pension savings insurance and fund products.

If you do not like the type or rate of return of your pension savings account now, you can always find another account or move your company.

It's my precious money, so it's good to look at my pension savings account once a year and fill it up to the deduction limit while deciding whether to move it elsewhere.

I need some long-term savings in my savings portfolio, so I hope you take that into consideration.


That's right.

Let's take a look at our savings accounts.

But around this time, there are people like, “This year is ruined, I need to take care of it starting next year,” right?

But what if you can't do that?

Depending on how you spend the rest of the month, the tax you can get back may be different?


Yes, it may depend on how you spend your money.

So, at this time of year, it is a good idea to visit the National Tax Service's year-end tax settlement preview service.

I'll tell you the easiest way to see this.

If you just type 'preview of year-end settlement' in the search box, it will come out right away, and you must view it on a PC.

Even if you do not register as a member, you can view it only by logging in as a non-member.

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Go in and put your estimated income for the year on the very first page, in place of my gross salary, which you see on the screen now.

For those who do not have a big difference in income from last year, you can call last year's payment statement.

Those who took a leave of absence like me or those who have a large income gap from last year should fix it themselves.

And after checking the dependents, if I click the load credit card data button, all the money I spent until September of this year comes out.

Here, you need to manually enter the living expenses you spent in October and November.

Then, if you click on the tax-saving tips item you see now, it will immediately calculate whether or not you have room to reduce your taxes for your living expenses for the next month, and if so, how much you can spend on your living expenses to get even a little more tax benefits.

In the case of a two-income family, it's good to try this together tonight.

Usually, it is beneficial to give the income deduction of a double-income family to the person who earns more, but in the case of credit card deduction, this is not necessarily the case.

If you enter the cost of each card in your name until November and then compare the tax savings tips, you will be able to immediately figure out whose name will be the most beneficial for the couple to use for December living expenses with a credit or debit card.

For one thing, some of you may feel that the dependents part is a little complicated, but I will tell you more about this when I have a chance this month.