It recorded 3.2 trillion dirhams by the end of November...and a plan to double it within 3 years

The capital of the UAE financial markets has increased 114 times in 22 years

582.4 billion dirhams, the market capital of shares listed on the Dubai Financial Market.


The UAE stock markets have succeeded in keeping pace with the rapid growth witnessed by the UAE economy since the establishment of the union some 51 years ago, after it was a true mirror expressing the prosperity and economic growth of the country, with its market value multiplying by more than 114 times, exceeding 3.2 trillion dirhams 22 years after its founding. .

The continuous success of the local stock markets is a reflection of the march of prosperity, development and prosperity of the national economy, in addition to the continuous and continuous support under the wise leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Chairman of the Council of Ministers. Ministers and Ruler of Dubai, with the aim of strengthening the position of the markets at the regional and global levels, and doubling the market value of the Abu Dhabi and Dubai financial markets, to reach six trillion dirhams during the next three years.

The market capitalization of shares listed in the local financial markets doubled more than 114 times, jumping from 28.4 billion dirhams at the end of 2000, distributed by 21.1 billion for the Dubai market, and 7.3 billion dirhams for the Abu Dhabi market, to reach 3.247 trillion dirhams by the end of November 2022, including 2.66 trillion for the Abu Dhabi market, and 582.4 billion for the Dubai market.

The UAE markets witnessed a significant increase in the number of listed companies, reaching 142 companies, of which 67 companies are on the Dubai Financial Market, including 14 double-listed companies, and about 88 companies listed on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, including 75 public joint-stock companies and 13 private joint-stock companies. The market also includes 13 traded investment funds and 39 debt instruments (bonds and sukuk).

The position that the UAE markets currently occupy, and its continuous support for the national economy, is the culmination of the continuous efforts within an integrated strategic plan developed by the Securities and Commodities Authority and the Abu Dhabi and Dubai markets, aimed at achieving leadership in the development of financial markets, and contributing to supporting the growth of the national economy.

The development and growth in the UAE markets was not limited to the local level only, but rather extended to the global level, after the UAE succeeded in establishing its position on the global stock map, with recognition from Morgan Stanley, which decided several years ago to upgrade the UAE markets to the emerging markets index, and that In addition to the promotion of the “S&P Dow Jones” index and the “FTSE” index for emerging secondary markets, which contributed to enhancing the competitiveness of these markets at the global level, and increased the attractiveness of the country’s markets to foreign investors.

The Securities and Commodities Authority, since its establishment in 2000, after the founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, issued Federal Law No. Securities and commodities market at the legislative, supervisory and regulatory levels.

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