China News Service, Changsha, December 2 (Reporter Tang Xiaoqing) Vehicles integrated with Beidou satellite navigation system positioning technology can automatically avoid pedestrians or obstacles; The semi-enclosed park cleans the road garbage; the intelligent construction machinery produced by Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion and other enterprises, the vehicle-mounted intelligent terminal completes the positioning data collection through the Beidou satellite signal, and can provide customers with online detection, fault warning and other services... ... The reporter learned from the 2022 Beidou Scale Application Summit Forum held on December 2 that Beidou applications have entered all aspects of people's lives and empowered all walks of life.

  The "Beidou" that is "far away" is used by the side

  In Changsha, Beidou technology has been successfully applied to many fields such as intelligent driving, driving test and driving training, bridge monitoring, wild animal tracking, waterway safety, disaster prevention and mitigation, justice, postal transportation, construction machinery, and public safety.

  Take intelligent driving as an example.

By integrating the positioning technology of the Beidou satellite navigation system, Changsha's electric intelligent networked vehicles can perform high-precision centimeter-level positioning of the vehicle and provide positioning escort for automatic driving.

"Beiyun Technology's 'BeiDou+Intelligent Connected Vehicle' system located in Changsha High-tech Zone has been put into use in thousands of driving test venues in more than 400 cities across the country. Within the specified range, it can be easily judged." Peng Tao, deputy mayor of the Changsha Municipal People's Government, said that Changsha will accelerate the promotion of "Beidou + 5G" to take the lead in the application demonstration in the field of intelligent networked vehicles, and focus on promoting key vehicle and ship supervision services, agricultural machinery, etc. Carry out "+ Beidou" space-time applications in key areas such as management, power industry, and environmental monitoring.

  Yueyang, Hunan Province is a national "Beidou Application Demonstration City". In 2021, the total output value of the Beidou industry will reach 870 million yuan, driving the scale of derivative industries to exceed 2 billion yuan. industrial clusters.

Chen Gehui, deputy mayor of the Yueyang Municipal People's Government, introduced that the Yueyang Beidou application demonstration has covered transportation, ship management, flood prevention and disaster relief, elderly services and other fields, and has established a Beidou Internet of Vehicles management system, Beidou ship integrated management system, and mobile management for flood prevention and disaster relief. system, dementia elderly safety service system and other application projects.

  In the specific application of the Beidou system, in addition to vehicle navigation and early warning of disasters, there are many "martial arts" with "supernatural powers".

In the field of disaster prevention and mitigation, the Beidou high-precision disaster monitoring and early warning system undertaken by Hunan Beidou Microchip, and the Beidou + safety monitoring and early warning platform developed by Lianzhi Technology have been applied in more than 200 disaster early warning points across the country...Based on the Beidou application Hundreds of billions of industrial clusters are being formed, and new scenarios, new ecology, and new economies of "Beidou+" and "+Beidou" are booming.

  Polish the "Hunan Business Card" of China's Beidou application development

  At present, Hunan, the core source of Beidou technology innovation, is striving to build a demonstration area for Beidou innovative applications and a new highland for Beidou application promotion. Beidou Characteristic Industrial Park, Zhuzhou Beidou Industrial Park, Yueyang Beidou Satellite Navigation Application Industrial Park and other Beidou industry parks have incubated a number of "specialized, refined, new" Beidou high-tech enterprises.

  Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, is one of the three major demonstration areas for the application of Beidou satellite navigation in the country. The Beidou industry in Changsha has basically covered the entire industrial chain of the upper, middle and lower reaches of the space segment, the ground segment, and the user segment. Dianxinghe, Jinwei Information, Beiyun Technology and other leading industry enterprises in China.

In 2021, the total output value of Changsha Beidou space-time information industry will exceed 15 billion yuan. From January to October this year, the industry has increased by about 28% year-on-year. The development of Beidou industry has achieved both quality and quantity.

  The Beidou application space in Zhuzhou, one of the top 40 manufacturing cities in China, is very broad.

In less than a year, Zhuzhou Beidou Industrial Park has signed contracts to land 13 projects such as the Saidlet Satellite Factory, Elliptic Space-Time Satellite Measurement and Control Center and Application Base, and reserves the large-scale production base of Aerospace Hongtu UAV, Beidou No. 3 high-precision chips, etc. More than 30 projects.

The contracted and landed projects cover from chip research and development, whole-satellite manufacturing to satellite operation, basically building a satellite manufacturing industry chain.

  "For example, through cooperation with the 812 Institute of Aerospace Science and Technology to build a satellite space environment testing platform, Zhuzhou Beidou Industrial Park will become the only park in the central region that can provide satellite environmental testing and assembly testing services, further enhancing its attraction to satellite assembly and subsystem manufacturing enterprises It will also fill the gap in the field of satellite space environment detection in the central and southern regions, and effectively promote the development of satellite equipment manufacturing in Hunan Province.” Wang Tingkai, member of the Standing Committee of the Zhuzhou Municipal Party Committee, deputy mayor of the municipal government, and first secretary of the Party Working Committee of Zhuzhou Economic Development Zone, revealed, The Sedrete "commercial satellite whole-satellite manufacturing project" under construction is expected to be officially put into operation in July next year. It has the capacity to produce commercial satellites below 100 tons per year, and is expected to achieve zero breakthroughs in Hunan's commercial satellite manufacturing.

  Aiming at a new round of development opportunities

  With the official opening of the Beidou-3 global satellite navigation system, the "three-step" development strategy has been successfully completed, and China's Beidou is entering the process of global service, and the speed of scale and industrialization is very rapid.

The White Paper "China's Beidou in the New Era" released by the State Council Information Office on November 4 pointed out that the Beidou application industry is developing rapidly.

In 2021, the overall output value of China's satellite navigation and location service industry will reach about 470 billion yuan.

  Aiming at the large-scale application and industrial development of Beidou, Hunan seizes a new round of development opportunities.

In recent years, the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government have introduced a series of policy measures.

Among them, Changsha, which has gained a "starting advantage" on the Beidou industry track, has taken the lead in promulgating the "Changsha Beidou Satellite Navigation Application Industry Development Plan (2014-2020)" and "Changsha Three-Year Action to Accelerate Beidou Industry Development" since 2013. Plan (2016-2018), "Several Policies of Changsha City on Deepening the Application of Beidou" and other series of plans and policies.

At the same time, starting from 2020, a special fund of 100 million yuan for Beidou application will be set up each year, focusing on supporting the related applications of Beidou satellite navigation technology in the fields of intelligent network connection and geographic information.

  At present, innovative resources gather in Changsha at an accelerated rate.

Academicians such as Liu Jingnan, Tan Shusen, and Zhang Peizhen established academician and expert workstations in Changsha; academicians and experts such as Sun Jiadong, Yang Changfeng, and Liu Jingnan established good cooperative relations with Changsha; the National (Changsha) Beidou Characteristic Industrial Park Industry-Education Integration Demonstration Base settled in Changsha; Hunan Advanced Technology The Hunan Beidou Space-Time Technology Innovation Center, led by the research institute and jointly established by the University of Defense Technology and leading enterprises, will become an important starting point for the city to promote the large-scale application and development of Beidou......

  "Zhuzhou is accelerating the application of Beidou by combining its advantages in rail transit, general aviation and other industries." Wang Tingkai said, for example, that CRRC ZELC is working with scientific research institutes to develop an automatic over-phase separation system based on Beidou positioning to achieve accurate navigation in tunnels relying on vehicle-mounted equipment. position.

  "Strive to make the scale of Beidou and related industries in Changsha exceed 50 billion yuan by 2025, of which the scale of Beidou's core industry will exceed 20 billion yuan, create a provincial-level advanced manufacturing cluster, and strive to create a national-level advanced manufacturing cluster." Peng Tao said.

  Chen Gehui said that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Yueyang will build a "Beidou satellite navigation application collaborative research and innovation platform" and a "Beidou + 5G innovative application laboratory", and build a "Hunan military-civilian fusion satellite application industrial park" and "Beidou satellite Navigation Innovation Application Scenario Demonstration Base" to realize innovative demonstration applications in multiple fields.