It includes payment plans over longer periods and exemption from service fees and unit furnishings

Real estate companies offer offers and facilities on the occasion of "Union Day"

The high competitiveness in the real estate sector has prompted companies to offer additional offers and facilities.


Recently, real estate companies in Dubai and Sharjah have offered additional offers and facilities in the market, as part of the celebration of the country's 51st Union Day.

And «Emirates Today» monitored offers announced by companies that included facilities that allow customers to buy real estate units and pay only 5% at the beginning, and 5% after a month, and benefit from payment plans after delivery of units, in addition to other offers on land for sale for all nationalities, with payment plans. For a period of 51 months, exemption from service fees, and offers on real estate that include additional payment facilities during the month of the celebration of the Union Day, and others granted to customers when buying units, during that period, by fully furnishing the units for free.

Specialists and officials of real estate companies pointed out that the facilities offered in the market on the occasion of the Union Day keep pace with the atmosphere of celebrating that occasion, and also allow dealers additional offers and facilities, and provide companies with opportunities to further stimulate sales.

In turn, the founder and chairman of the Danube Real Estate Group, Radwan Sajan, said, "As part of the celebration of the Union Day, real estate companies have put forward various offers, including additional facilities, allowing dealers opportunities to obtain deals with new incentives, especially in light of the high intensity of Competitiveness, finally, between real estate companies.

He explained that «(the group) recently put forward offers to grant buyers of real estate units, in a new project that it recently launched during the (Cityscape) exhibition, free furnishings for the units that are purchased in the project.”

He pointed out that «there are great competitive aspects in the markets, between real estate companies, which supported the launch of various facilities offers recently, especially since the confidence of investors in the real estate sector in Dubai is very strong, which is evident significantly through the large number of new projects that have been announced. about its recent launch.

For his part, the consultant and real estate expert, Khamis Al-Zeyoudi, said, "The high competitiveness in the real estate sector has finally stimulated many companies to offer additional offers and facilities during the celebration of the 51st Union Day."

He explained that «those offered offers keep pace with the atmosphere of the celebration of that occasion, and also provide opportunities for companies to stimulate sales, and at the same time allow dealers the opportunity to obtain new additional facilities», pointing out that «it is important for each dealer to study the offers to choose the most appropriate according to his needs and the financial budget. own, especially in light of the high confidence of dealers in the real estate sector, as a good area for investment ».

In turn, the real estate broker, Ahmed Bakr, said, "The 51st Union Day is a good occasion for many sectors, to offer special offers to celebrate that occasion and revitalize these sectors, most notably real estate," pointing out that "the current period is witnessing remarkable activity among companies in offering The offers exceed the past three years, which indicates the great recovery and growth achieved by the real estate sector, following the pandemic period.

He explained that «these offers offered in the real estate market during the 51st Union Day, support the competitiveness of companies, and support opportunities to stimulate sales, and at the same time provide new additional facilities compared to the facilities that were offered before, especially with the high demand for the real estate sector in the local markets, and at high rates. great since the beginning of this year.

And the real estate broker, Magdi Abdulaziz, added that «the most prominent offers on the market, finally, to celebrate the 51st Union Day, included an offer from (Eagle Hills) on all (Maryam Island) projects, which includes paying 5% of the value of the property, and 5 % after one month, taking advantage of post-handover payment plans on specific units.

He pointed out that «(Tilal Real Estate Company) announced an offer that includes offering 51 plots of land with a payment plan of 51 months, and without lifetime service fees.”

The facilities allow customers to buy real estate units and pay 5% at the beginning, and 5% after a month.

The offers included offering lands for sale to all nationalities, with payment plans over 51 months, and exemption from service fees.

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