Gas stations across the country are out of stock due to the general strike of the Cargo Workers' Union.

However, the price difference between gasoline and diesel is still more than 200 won per liter.

According to the Korea National Oil Corporation, the average selling price of gasoline at gas stations nationwide in the fifth week of November (November 27-December 1) was 1,626.2 won, down 18.3 won from the previous week.

Gasoline prices fell on a weekly basis for the 12th week.

By brand, SK Energy Gas Station was the most expensive at 1,633.6 won per liter, and Thrifty Gas Station was the cheapest at 1,601.5 won.

The diesel sales price this week was 1,862.0 won, down 16.4 won from the previous week.

Diesel prices showed a downward trend for the second week in a row on a weekly basis.

This week's average price of Dubai oil, which is the standard for imported crude oil, recorded $79.9 per barrel, down $1.0 from the previous week.

The international gasoline average price was $86.8 per barrel, down $4.6, and the international price of diesel for automobiles was $116.1 per barrel, down $4.5.

(Photo = Yonhap News TV capture, Yonhap News)