"Don't panic, it's useless."

President Macron wanted to be reassuring about the power cuts this winter, during an interview with TF1.

“It is normal for the government to prepare an extreme case because, as the last few years have shown us, sometimes the unthinkable happens,” noted the Head of State, referring to the series of measures prepared by the government to deal with possible power cuts this winter and which are worrying users.

"It is the responsibility of the government, in conjunction with the competent actors, to prepare these scenarios and to allow the country not to be in complete disorder", affirmed the president.

The French invited to reduce their consumption by 10%

Power outages will be programmed and targeted (maximum two consecutive hours with load shedding confirmed the day before) in the event of an overload of the electrical network.

Schools will not be spared and in this case closed.

Trains, metros or trams may be canceled or interrupted to avoid having passengers stranded in the middle of the track.

“My message is” responsibility “but in no case “panic”, hammered Emmanuel Macron, recalling that the French were invited to reduce their electricity consumption.

“If all together we stick to the sobriety plan that was presented by the government, that is to say to reduce by about 10% compared to our usual consumption (..) then yes we will be able to pass even with a month of December and a cold month of January this period, it depends on us”, he added.


France will be "a major electricity importer" this winter, according to RTE


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