Iran: towards a continuation of the mobilization while the power tries to react

A woman walks past a mural in the Iranian capital, Tehran, on October 11, 2022 (photo illustration).


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Iranian activists have called for the continuation of the protest movement started about eleven weeks ago following the death of Mahsa Amini, arrested by the morality police.

This announcement comes as the power announced the modification of the law on the compulsory wearing of the Islamic veil.


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With our correspondent in Tehran,

Siavosh Ghazi

These calls were shared on social networks by activists, but also unknown groups for three days of demonstrations and strikes between Wednesday and Monday.

In some of these calls, protesters are asked to arm themselves and attack vital centers of power.

For his part, the conservative president Ebrahim Raisi announced that he would give a speech at the University of Tehran on Wednesday, which coincides with the day of the student.

At the same time, the Ministry of the Interior has reported more than 200 deaths since the beginning of the demonstrations, including members of the security forces, the demonstrators, but also members of armed groups qualified as counter-revolutionaries.

Similarly, arrests continue, particularly among journalists and cultural circles.

Finally, the country's attorney general announced that the Parliament and the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution were working on the modification of the law on the obligation of the Islamic veil, without specifying in what direction the text will be modified.

In fact, in recent weeks, we have seen more and more Iranian women, especially young people, unveiled, without the police intervening.

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