China News Agency, Beijing, December 2 (Reporter Xia Bin) The International Finance Forum (IFF) 2022 Global Annual Conference with the theme of "Great Changes in the World: Symbiosis and Reconstruction" will be held online from December 2 to 4 The international political leaders attending the meeting expressed concern about the current downward trend of the global economy and called on all countries to adopt open and pragmatic cooperation to jointly deal with multiple challenges such as geopolitics, epidemics, inflation, debt and climate change.

  UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for a rebuilding of trust between developed and emerging economies.

"Together, we can overcome these times and build a sustainable, just and prosperous future."

  IFF co-chairman and former South Korean Prime Minister Han Seung-soo pointed out that once technology and finance decoupling will bring greater losses to the world, countries should restart exchanges and dialogue to avoid the worst situation of division.

To this end, he called on global leaders to be more open-minded and take more actions that are conducive to global well-being.

  Georgieva, president of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), said that the IMF predicts that the global economic growth rate in 2023 will be 2.7%, but there is a 25% probability that the actual growth rate will be lower than 2%.

In 2023, at least one-third of the world's countries are expected to fall into recession.

  She called on the government to support families in need through fiscal policies, strengthen the construction of the social security system, stimulate consumption, and promote economic growth. She believes that timely adjustment of epidemic prevention and control policies to reduce its impact on the economy will be the key to ensuring and balancing economic recovery.

  Shan Tharman, Singapore's State Coordinator and Coordinating Minister for Social Policy, said that the trend of a multi-polar world is irreversible, and it is also the basis for optimism to push the global economy back on track.

With a more open global perspective, we should make full use of multilateral institutions, including international financial institutions, to cooperate in dealing with major challenges concerning the common interests of all countries.