, Zhengzhou, December 2nd, title: Henan's "Vegetable Promotion War" Affects the Support of Many Parties

  Reporter Liu Peng

  "I am helping to load cars in the field, and it is estimated that today's radish sales will not be less than 10,000 catties!" Lu Fujun, a large vegetable grower in Laiji Town, Xinmi City, Henan Province, told reporters on the phone in the early morning of November 30.

  This year's autumn and winter are very different for Lu Fujun. Vegetables that would be sold out before October in previous years still have more than 100,000 catties of radishes left in the field.

The picture shows Zhang Jidong, a caring farmer in Xinmi City, squatting in the field to live broadcast, helping to sell local unsalable radishes.

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  Since mid-October, due to the decline in transportation and sales due to the epidemic, various degrees of unsalable vegetables have appeared in many places in Henan, a major agricultural province. There are many vegetable farmers who are worried like Lu Fujun.

Faced with the current increasingly cold weather, if we do not pick and sell them in time, not only will there be no land to plant winter wheat, but if the vegetables are frozen, it will bring greater losses to vegetable farmers.

How to sell the unsalable vegetables in the field has become a matter of concern for many parties.

  Start the "vegetable promotion war"

  In order to effectively solve the problem of vegetable sales, on November 19, Henan officials issued "10 Vegetable Promotion Measures", starting from optimizing epidemic prevention and control measures, increasing local sales, organizing foreign merchants to purchase, and ensuring smooth vegetable transportation. We will start to solve the problem of unsalable vegetables in one aspect, and take multiple measures to help vegetable farmers connect with the market.

Especially in terms of transportation, it is expressly forbidden to "overweight each other", and an innovative method of "one vehicle, one certificate, one route, and vehicles can go back and forth multiple times within the validity period" is proposed to ensure smooth transportation.

  With the start of this "vegetable promotion war", all parts of Henan responded quickly and jointly established a special vegetable sales class to jointly do a good job in vegetable promotion through fixed-point assistance, pairing assistance, and encouraging social forces to participate.

On November 30th, Zhoukou Rural Commercial Bank system volunteers packed cabbage locally and helped vegetable farmers sell 230,000 catties of vegetables in one day.

Photo by Fu Yongqi

  In the past few days, Luoyang City in western Henan has given full play to the role of supply and marketing cooperatives as the main channel for rural commodity circulation, connecting merchants from outside the province, farmers' markets, chain supermarkets, and connecting farmers' professional cooperatives and large planters to connect all aspects of sales.

In just three days, the city's supply and marketing cooperative system contacted and sold more than 110 tons of unsalable vegetables.

  Since November 20th, Shangqiu, a large vegetable market in eastern Henan, has dispatched nearly 300 purchase vehicles to Yongcheng, Xiayi, Sui, and Zhecheng counties for on-site direct purchases. A total of 12,000 unsalable vegetables have been sold in 3 days Tons.

  Xiuwu County is located in the northwest of Henan Province. Under the call of the United Front Work Department of the county party committee, the United Front Work members give full play to their own resource advantages and help vegetable farmers solve sales problems by means of public welfare assistance to farmers, love relay, and purchasing instead of helping.

Local private enterprises responded one after another, and employees went into the fields to help vegetable farmers pick and sell.

The picture shows the scene of the Nanyang Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League launching the "Caring for you, me, him (her), warming thousands of families" to help farmers and relieve difficulties.

Photo courtesy of Nanyang Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League

  As the largest agricultural batch market in the central region, Zhengzhou Wanbang Farmer’s Market has set up a trading area of ​​30,000 square meters to provide a centralized trading place for farmers in Zhongmu and surrounding areas free of charge. Sales, strive to help vegetable farmers solve sales problems through multiple channels.

Multi-party continuous support

  "Supermarkets and e-commerce platforms are the most direct sales channels, connecting the place of production at one end and consumers at the other end." On November 30, the reporter interviewed Zhang Jidongde, general manager of Xinmi Millennium Agricultural Company, who has long been committed to public welfare and agricultural assistance It is known that in the past week, he has helped local vegetable farmers sell more than 200,000 catties of radishes and nearly 50,000 catties of cabbage through live streaming and other methods.

  Lu Fujun is one of the beneficiaries.

From crying without tears when he saw more than 400,000 catties of radishes about to rot in the field more than a month ago, to now that large trucks are driving to the field to purchase at the door, Lu Fujun's hanging heart finally fell to the ground.

He told reporters that through the effective help of the government and caring people in society, most of the stranded vegetables have now been sold.

"Especially caring people such as Zhang Jidong, who not only bought tens of thousands of catties of vegetables out of their own pockets, but also helped us live broadcast and sell the goods every day."

  The news of unsalable vegetables in Henan continues to attract the attention of many parties, and various forces relay support to relieve the difficulties of vegetable farmers.

For example, starting from November 18th, Henan Daily and other media jointly launched the "Hundreds of Media Gathering Forces in Henan Public Welfare and Helping Farmers" campaign, which facilitated the procurement of over 76 million catties of vegetables in 8 days, providing sweet potatoes in eastern Henan and cabbages in northern Henan. , Henan radishes have found buyers.

  At the same time, the All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives actively promotes supply and marketing cooperatives in surrounding provinces such as Hubei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, and Anhui to increase their procurement of vegetables from Henan; Special docking action between agricultural product wholesale markets and unsalable vegetable production areas in Henan.

  According to preliminary statistics, from November 22 to 28, large-scale agricultural product wholesale markets including Beijing Xinfadi have purchased 4,677 tons of unsalable vegetables in Henan.

  In the past few days, when visiting many large supermarkets in Zhengzhou City, the reporter noticed that the vegetable supply area has a complete range of goods, and citizens purchase in an orderly manner.

A number of store staff told reporters that recently, they have stepped up direct procurement of unsalable vegetables, not only actively collecting unsalable information, but also arranging "one-on-one" docking with special personnel to go to the purchase as soon as possible.

Large-scale commercial supermarkets have increased their efforts to directly harvest vegetables from unsalable areas, and the supply of goods is sufficient.

Photo by Liu Peng

  With the current normalization of epidemic prevention and control in many places in Henan, many caring units and caring people have spontaneously formed group buying teams to go to the fields to buy vegetables to help vegetable farmers relieve their temporary difficulties.

Combing the news from all parties, it can be seen that as of now, this "vegetable promotion war" that has attracted much social concern is still going on.

  "Although there are still more than 100,000 catties of vegetables to be sold, according to the current procurement progress, it is estimated that they will be sold out in another week." Although the cold wave has just arrived and the temperature has dropped sharply, Lu Fujun told reporters that his heart is hot.