A second-generation Korean entrepreneur who made a hangover cure a hit in the US market was selected as one of the '30 Entrepreneurs Under 30' by Forbes, an American business magazine.

The main character is 29-year-old Justin Kim, Chief Operating Officer (CCO) of 'The Plugged Drink'.

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According to Forbes on the 2nd, Justin Kim (29) was selected as one of 30 entrepreneurs in the food and beverage sector.

Two years ago, he founded The Plug Drink, a hangover-cure drink company, with several investors including his older brother, CEO Ray Kim.

Demand for hangover relief drinks is increasing day by day, but CCO Kim, realizing that there was no such product, developed drinks based on 13 plants, including plants, fruits, and flowers.

It was manufactured in Korea according to the tastes and preferences of Americans.

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In particular, this year, we received a total investment of 2.5 million dollars (approximately 3.2 billion won) from rapper Jack Harlow, who recorded No. 1 on the Billboard, as well as NBA and National Football League (NFL) players.

It was also the first start-up company to be selected as an official partner of a UFC martial arts organization.

Meanwhile, Kim CCO, who graduated from Northwestern University, is also the second son of Kim Bong-hyun, chairman of the Los Angeles Korean Chamber of Commerce.