On December 2, rumors about Xu Jiayin, the founder of Evergrande Group, attracted attention.

Later, Evergrande insiders denied the news.

According to the Financial Associated Press, Evergrande Group's monthly work meeting originally scheduled to be held at Guangzhou Evergrande Center at 15:30 on the 2nd has been changed to that night, and Xu Jiayin, chairman of the board of directors, will preside over the meeting.

A person familiar with the matter revealed to a reporter from the Financial Associated Press that the above-mentioned decision was made after a temporary discussion by Evergrande's top management on the afternoon of the 2nd.

According to the previous meeting notice, the participants included the company's leadership team, the project general manager, the project deputy general manager, the project director, the legal department of the finance department and the person in charge of the supervision office.

  The Red Star News reporter learned from a senior executive of Evergrande Group that the meeting was held normally at 19:00 on the evening of the 2nd.

It is reported that the meeting was a special meeting on Baojiao Building, at which Xu Jiayin delivered a speech on Evergrande's work and production resumption.

  The person said that at the meeting, Xu Jiayin was "a bit haggard", "There are so many things to resume work and production, the performance of Hengchi 5 (Hengchi's automobile products) is not good, the car factory is not satisfactory, and debt handling is also difficult. .”

  It is worth noting that on the afternoon of November 30, Evergrande Wealth announced that it will adjust the payment plan released on December 31, 2021 from this month, and adjust the current payment of 8,000 yuan per person per month to 8,000 yuan per person per month. The monthly payment is 2,000 yuan.

As for the resumption of work and production, the above-mentioned person said that related work is progressing steadily.