The sporting goods manufacturer Adidas pulled the ripcord for its cooperation with the increasingly out of control rapper Kanye West quite late, but at least before he tweeted a swastika and said: "I like Hitler". Elon Musk, on the other hand, is only now taking action.

Twitter's new owner suspended West's account on the online platform for violating a user rule prohibiting incitement to violence.

Musk himself is likely to be displeased with the expulsion, not only because he has long cultivated a friendly relationship with West, but also because he believes he is currently on a campaign for freedom of expression.

He has lifted the Twitter bans on Donald Trump and several other prominent users, even announcing a general "amnesty" for suspended accounts.

In this respect, it was not obvious that Musk would actually sanction West so harshly, even if it was a matter of course.

By banning the rapper-turned-extremist from Twitter, Musk is giving an implicit admission of the need to moderate content on online platforms, no matter how reluctantly he may do it.