In the New York stock market on the 30th of last month, the FRB = Federal Reserve Board continued to raise interest rates significantly, and the Dow average stock price rose significantly by more than 700 dollars.

The closing price of the Dow Jones Industrial Average on the 30th of last month was $34,589.77, $737.24 higher than the previous day.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said in a speech in Washington, D.C., that "inflation is still too high," but suggested that the rate hikes could be reduced at the Fed's meeting as early as this month.

On the 28th, there was a view that the FRB's senior officials would raise the policy interest rate further next year, and there was a view that the interest rate would continue to be raised significantly. became.

The Nasdaq stock index, which has many IT-related stocks, also rose significantly by 4.41%.

A market insider said, "Until now, Chairman Powell has made it clear that he will keep inflation under control, but in his speech on the 30th, there was no message that the market would continue to raise interest rates as much as the market was wary of, and a sense of security spread. I am talking.

On the other hand, in the New York foreign exchange market on the 30th, there was a movement to sell the dollar and buy the yen due to the decline in long-term interest rates in the United States, and the yen exchange rate was trading between the upper 137 yen range and the lower 138 yen range to the dollar. I'm here.