• Report The Euribor heads towards the feared 3% after a year of escalation and keeps families away from cheap and easy mortgages

The mortgage market continues to show signs of resilience despite the rise in rates and the rise in the Euribor.

The housing credit firm reached 44,119 closed loans in September, the best data in a ninth month of the year since 2010, however, its growth has slowed down to 4%, compared to 10.5% in August.

In this way, the mortgage firm chains 19 consecutive months on the rise, according to data published this Wednesday by the

National Institute of Statistics (INE)


The average amount of mortgages constituted on homes fell by 1.4% year-on-year in the ninth month of the year, to 143,222 euros, while the capital lent grew by 4.6%, to 6,318.8 million euros.

In September, the average interest rate for all mortgage loans stood at 2.59%, with an average term of 23 years.

In the case of homes, the average interest was 2.47%, below the 2.48% of a year earlier, with an average term of 24 years.

31.8% of mortgages on homes were established last September at a variable rate, while 68.2% were signed at a fixed rate, the lowest percentage since December 2021. The average interest rate at the beginning it was 1.96% for variable-rate home mortgages and 2.70% in the case of fixed-rate ones.

The Communities with the highest number of mortgages signed on homes in September were the Community of Madrid (8,836), Andalusia (7,769) and Catalonia (7,683).

In the regions where home mortgage firms increased the most were Galicia (+30.3%), Cantabria (+19.6%) and Aragón (+14.5%), while Castilla y León (-10.3%), Andalucía (-10.2%) and Comunidad Foral de Navarra (-9.8%).

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