Toshiba's ongoing negotiations with investment funds and banks to resolve management turmoil have reached a major milestone.

Toshiba's management restructuring will require a huge amount of funds, but it turns out that the bank is requesting the sale of some new businesses as a condition for lending over a certain scale, so Toshiba's decision is the focus. becomes.

As Toshiba continues to face conflicts with overseas shareholders, known as activists, who hold about 25% of the company's stock, it is seeking proposals for reorganization measures from outside the company with the aim of resolving management turmoil.

The proposal by Japan Industrial Partners, an investment fund that has been preferentially negotiated so far, is a total investment of 1 trillion yen by multiple companies and more than 1 trillion yen in loans from several major banks. plans to purchase the shares of the company and delist it.

According to people involved, it was newly found that the bank side is asking for the sale of some of Toshiba's businesses and assets as a condition for lending over a certain scale in response to this proposal.

The negotiations have reached a major milestone, but Toshiba has been cautious about selling the business so far, so the future decision will be the focus.

Regarding the management restructuring measures that Toshiba is considering, it will require huge amounts of funds from investment funds, banks, and multiple companies. There are also voices asking for it.