In order to respond to the severe power supply and demand this winter, the government has started asking households and businesses nationwide to save electricity from the 1st.

We do not set numerical targets, and ask for cooperation in saving electricity within reasonable limits, such as wearing multiple layers indoors.

Regarding the supply and demand of electricity this winter, it is expected that the "reserve margin", which indicates the surplus power supply, will be able to secure the minimum 3% required for stable supply in all regions of the country.

However, if the temperature drops due to a strong cold wave, there is a risk that the demand for electricity will increase more than expected, and there are concerns about the stable procurement of LNG (liquefied natural gas) due to the invasion of Ukraine.

For this reason, the government has decided to make a request to save electricity for the first time in seven years in winter, and from the 1st, we will not set numerical targets for households and companies nationwide, but will ask for their cooperation in saving electricity within a reasonable range. I'm here.

The period is until the end of March next year, and households are asked to wear layers of clothing, lower the temperature setting of heaters within a reasonable range, and turn off unnecessary lights.

We also ask companies to reduce the lighting in their stores and offices as much as possible, and to turn off computers and printers when they are not in use for a long time.

In addition, the government is also implementing support measures to add points that can be used for shopping etc. to households and companies participating in power saving programs run by electricity retailers, to increase the effectiveness of power saving.

Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Nishimura said, "Since we need to use the minimum amount of electricity for our daily lives, we would like to ask for it to be within a reasonable range. Also, it is important to suppress peaks in electricity use, so we ask for your cooperation in shifting peaks. I am grateful to have it," he said.