China News Service, November 30th. The Party Branch of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission's Non-Banking Inspection Bureau published an article entitled "Practice Modern Financial Supervision Concepts and Comprehensively Improve the Quality and Efficiency of On-site Inspections of Non-Banking Institutions" on the official account of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission. For complicated and major risk cases, we must strictly enforce the law and impose equal penalties. In particular, we must seize typical cases of violations of laws and regulations that seriously endanger the healthy development of the industry, impact the bottom line of public psychology, and have a bad social impact. wind.

  The article mentioned that on-site inspection is an effective means to maintain market stability.

In recent years, the non-bank inspection bureau has continued to carry out work such as deepening the rectification of the chaos in the insurance industry market and the special rectification of Internet insurance chaos, gradually clearing up the industry's persistent illnesses that the people have strongly reported, promoting financial institutions to steadily improve their compliance operations, and effectively purifying the industry. , The purpose of stabilizing market expectations.

  The article pointed out that it is necessary to improve the ability of digital inspection.

Steadily promote the construction of standardized regulatory data norms for non-bank institutions, establish a normalized mechanism for data collection and data governance audit and investigation, and continuously consolidate the foundation of regulatory data.

Continue to explore the "technology + inspection" working method of "data investigation + audit investigation", integrate internal and external data, make the basic database of digital inspection bigger and stronger, refine and polish a batch of intelligent data models, and analyze problems through the front-end database. Back-end batch verification and evidence collection gradually form a set of mature, efficient and fast digital inspection methodology to realize rapid investigation and handling of similar institutions and similar problems.

(China New Finance and Economics)