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government and the cargo union started talking again today (30th), but could not find a clue to a solution.

The government is raising the level of pressure, saying that it can even review the abolition of the safe fare system and that it can issue an order to start work in other fields, and the cargo union is also strongly opposing it, saying that it will not follow the government order.

First, reporter Han Sang-woo will tell you about the government's movements.


Government officials poured out strong remarks today, emphasizing laws and principles.

Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Won Hee-ryong visited cement transport companies and construction sites and intensively criticized the leadership of the Cargo Solidarity.

[Won Hee-ryong/Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport: In particular, in the case of instigating the refusal of other transport owners or interfering with their actions, because they are executives of the cargo union, we will see it as a part that must be blocked by judgment until the end.

] It seems that the intensity of the remarks increased as this did not subside.

Today, steel shipments were cut by half, and container shipments at 12 ports across the country were reduced by nearly 40%.

More than half of construction sites nationwide stopped pouring ready-mixed concrete, and the number of gas stations that could not sell oil increased to 26.

The government said that if the cargo union does not return to work, it may completely abolish the safe freight system, which is a key issue.

The law must be changed by the end of the year to maintain the system, but it is said that it will disappear by leaving it alone.

In addition to cement, we also proposed a plan to issue an order to start work in tankers and other fields.

[Kim Eun-hye/President's Office Public Relations Chief: The government is reviewing various options under the direction of President Yoon Seok-yeol.

Because if you compromise at that time, you can call another strike and illegal...


The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport delivered an order to start work to 350 cement car drivers, and raised the level of pressure by discussing a plan not to provide oil price subsidies to strikers.

(Video coverage: Kim Won-bae · Lim Dong-guk, video editing: Choi Hye-young)