Food manufacturer Nippon Suisan announced that it will raise the prices of more than 400 products, including chikuwa and frozen foods, from February next year onwards in response to soaring raw material prices.

The price increases are for 63 home-use surimi products such as chikuwa and crab-flavored kamaboko, 84 home-use frozen foods such as chikuwa fried with isobe, and 280 commercial-use frozen foods.

The price increase will be from March 1st for home-use surimi products, and from February 1st for home-use and commercial-use frozen foods. is.

The company has raised the price of most of its surimi products and frozen foods in August this year, but the yen's depreciation combined with rising costs of fuel and packaging materials has led to a decline in Alaska pollock in North America, the main production area. It is said that the price of surimi has reached the highest price in about 30 years, so it has decided to raise the price again.

Regarding frozen foods, among other food manufacturers, Nippon has announced that it will raise the shipping prices of 60 items, which are the majority of household products, by about 3% to 13% from the delivery date of March 1 next year. Mark has also decided to raise the shipping price of 452 products for household and commercial use by about 3% to 25% from the delivery date of February 1, next year, and it seems that the price increase of familiar foods will spread further.