The drivers of the Lieferando restaurant delivery service should get more money for the burdens during the winter months.

The company, which belongs to the delivery service group Just Eat Takeaway, will pay a winter bonus of 50 cents “per hour worked” for the first time between November and March, as Lieferando announced on Monday.

There should be an additional 50 cents per hour for work during the evening rush hours from Friday to Sunday, it said.

This means that drivers could “earn up to one euro more in winter at work during the popular ordering times.”

Before Christmas, the suppliers also received a premium to compensate for inflation of up to 300 euros - depending on the contractually agreed working hours of the couriers.

The winter equipment will be expanded to include thermal underwear.

According to Lieferando, drivers earned a nationwide monthly average of more than 14 euros per hour “with a guaranteed hourly wage of 12 euros plus variable wage components, such as bonuses for each order delivered.”

The union Food-Genuss-Gaststätten (NGG) described the measures on request as "window dressing".

"It's very clear to us: nothing can run for less than 15 euros an hour," said Mark Baumeister, NGG department head for the hospitality industry.

Many couriers do not even have a company bicycle or a company cell phone.

The union is calling for collective bargaining and is in the process of recruiting more members at the sites.

Lieferando has regional works councils as well as a nationwide general works council.

Despite white spots in some regions, the company is now on the right track, said Baumeister.