In view of tight budgets, the taxpayers' association is questioning the status of civil servants in some areas of public administration.

“The civil servant status should always be put to the test.

Because in many areas of public administration, a large number of staff were made civil servants without this being mandatory," said taxpayer president Reiner Holznagel of the "Rheinische Post" against the background of the trade union day of the civil servants' association dbb, which takes place in Berlin until Wednesday.

Holznagel said: "In my view, civil servant status is not necessary in school and teaching." The financial consequences of the "wave of civil servants" hit households - especially the state budgets, which would have to contend with noticeably increased pension burdens.

"This situation is exacerbated by the fact that the public budgets are not well prepared for this development because not enough reserves have been built up." That is why the civil servants' association must also push for better budgetary policies at federal and state level.

The civil servants' association dbb will elect its future leadership this Monday at the trade union day.

Chairman Ulrich Silberbach is back – but he has competition.

The chairman of the Association of German Secondary School Teachers, Jürgen Böhm, is also a candidate.

Silberbach has been at the head of the dbb civil servants' association and tariff union since 2017.

The dbb is an umbrella organization of trade unions, primarily in the public sector, and has around 1.3 million members.

The trade union congress elects the federal management of the dbb and lays down the principles for professional policy work.