People's Daily Online, Beijing, November 27 (Reporter Li Dong) The latest agricultural dispatch from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs shows that since the beginning of winter, my country's grain production has progressed smoothly.

Over 98% of the country's autumn grain harvest has been harvested, and over 99% of winter wheat and winter rapeseed have been sown.

While the autumn grain grains are returning to the warehouse, all localities are stepping up the deployment of winter field management to lay a solid foundation for next year's harvest.

  "This year's late rice yield is about 1,200 catties per mu, an increase of 5% over last year." Recently, Zhang Daoxin, a major grain grower, told reporters in the field of Union Village, Longtan Street, Qixia District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province. The agricultural and rural departments are fully deployed to stabilize policies, areas, and production. Rice production is not affected by the weather.

  "The implementation of the policy of benefiting farmers is related to the enthusiasm of grain farmers. In order to implement various subsidy policies for benefiting farmers in grain production, the amount of subsidies for large-scale rice planting producers will exceed 2.12 million yuan in 2022." The relevant person in charge of the Qixia District Agriculture and Rural Bureau According to the introduction, over 38,000 mu of autumn grain is planted in the local area throughout the year, of which 22,000 mu of rice is planted, all of which are late-maturing japonica rice with better taste. "Safety.

  The latest dispatch of agricultural conditions shows that as the national autumn grain harvest enters the final stage, the peak season purchase of autumn grain is also in full swing.

According to the latest announcement by the State Administration of Grain and Material Reserves, at present, the main production areas have purchased more than 50 million tons.

  While the autumn grain harvest is ushering in a bumper harvest, it is also necessary to plan for grain production in the coming year.

Right now, it is the critical period of field management before winter, and all localities are taking effective measures to lay a solid foundation for a bumper summer grain harvest in the coming year.

  In early winter, seeders roared in the farmland of Xuba Township, Yi'an District, Tongling City, Anhui Province, and wheat seeds and fertilizers were sown into the soil.

  "This year, all my 1,400 mu of wheat have been mechanized sowing, and now it saves labor, time and labor." Gao Jiangdong, a large grain grower, said happily.

  "During the 'Three Autumn' period, a total of more than 1,500 sets of various agricultural machinery were invested, and the comprehensive mechanization level of main crop cultivation and harvesting reached 76.97%, of which the level of wheat sowing by machine exceeded 95%." Deputy Director of the Agricultural Mechanization Technology Promotion Station of Yi'an District Lei Jun said.

  "The planned autumn planting area is about 250,000 mu, including 108,600 mu of rapeseed, 100,000 mu of wheat, and 41,000 mu of vegetables and other crops." According to the relevant person in charge of the Ngee'an District Agriculture and Rural Bureau, as of early November , The rape sowing task has been fully completed, and the wheat sowing area has completed 90% of the progress.

  "We will continue to organize agricultural technicians to go to the front line to increase the guidance of autumn planting, make full use of the limited arable land resources, and plant enough to lay a solid foundation for next year's bumper harvest." said Chen Weiguo, director of Ngee'an District Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau.

  The latest agricultural schedule shows that this year's winter wheat sowing has four characteristics: sufficient seed, high quality, good emergence, and excellent structure.

In another 20 days or so, winter wheat will enter the overwintering period intensively.

"Currently, field management is progressing smoothly, which effectively guarantees the safe wintering of food crops." The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said that the southern region is also guiding farmers to make full use of winter slack fields to expand crops for one season and increase income for one season.