On November 26, Guangzhou Yuanhai Automobile Shipping Co., Ltd. announced that on the same day, the company's "Yuheng Pioneer" ship set off for the Persian Gulf after loading 3,859 Chinese self-owned brand vehicles including FAW, SAIC, and Chery. .

The route departs from Shanghai and is expected to arrive at ports in the Persian Gulf in about 17 days.

  The main mode of transportation for the export of complete automobiles is sea freight.

In 2022, the sales of Chinese auto brands in the Middle East are expected to maintain a steady growth trend.

  For the Persian Gulf route opened this time, the company adjusted the capacity of three 5,000-car car ships originally operating the ocean route in South America to the near-ocean Persian Gulf route in response to the needs of automobile export manufacturers, providing two monthly liner transportation services, which can Double the current limited capacity performance.

  It is understood that in order to alleviate the insufficient capacity of car ships in the Chinese market, Ocean Car Ship has launched a new shipbuilding plan. From the second half of 2024, more than 15 LNG dual-fuel large car ships with 7000-8600 parking spaces will be successively invested. With the delivery of transport capacity, the ocean car ship will gradually expand the route coverage to Europe, South America and other regions to ensure the safety of the export supply chain of China's auto industry.

(The video of Le Xiaomin produced by Cai Minjie and Zhang Minmin comes from Guangzhou Yuanhai Motor Shipping Co., Ltd.)

Responsible editor: [Song Yusheng]