China News Agency, Beijing, November 26 (Reporter Li Xiaoyu) Yang Weimin, member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and deputy director of the Economic Committee, said on the 26th that in the future, more powerful measures should be taken for consumption, real estate, and the platform economy to promote China's economic growth back to a reasonable range.

  Yang Weimin said at the annual forum of the China Macroeconomic Forum of Renmin University of China held on the same day that the average growth rate of the Chinese economy has continued to be lower than the potential growth rate in the past three years since the outbreak, which has a great internal impact on the economy and has a negative impact on the development momentum. No small impact.

At present, it is necessary to reverse this situation in time to bring economic growth back to a reasonable range.

This is the requirement for achieving high-quality development, and it is also the key for China to gain a firm foothold in the midst of a century of changes.

  He further explained that in order to achieve the goal of reaching a new level of per capita GDP in 2035 and reaching the level of moderately developed countries, in the first five years from 2020, China's average annual economic growth rate should reach 5.5%. , 5% in the second five years, and 4.5% in the third five years.

Under such circumstances, in the next five years, especially in 2023, it is a very important task to push economic growth back to a reasonable range.

  Yang Weimin believes that in the future, more effective and powerful policy measures should be adopted for the three key points that affect China's economic growth: resident consumption, real estate and platform economy.

  He said that the policy of expanding domestic demand should shift from expanding investment to expanding consumption, and speed up the improvement of the income distribution system, such as the implementation of financial policies that benefit residents, and fiscal and tax policies that reduce taxes and fees for residents.

  Recently, China has introduced financial policies to promote the development of the real estate industry.

Yang Weimin said that a comprehensive, long-term and institutional new real estate policy should be formulated as soon as possible.

In addition, it is necessary to speed up the introduction of specific measures to support the standardized and healthy development of the platform economy, to stabilize expectations for the platform economy, and to reverse the weakening momentum of its development as soon as possible.