When you sleep, when you run, when you consume...your mobile phone takes care of you all the way!

With the popularity of folding screen mobile phones, they not only have to compete with a variety of folding forms, but also pay more attention to user experience, focusing on people-oriented and technology-oriented.

  The reason why mobile phone manufacturers work hard on folding screens is inseparable from its sales performance.

With the mobile phone industry in decline this year, folding screen mobile phones have taken the lead and surpassed multiple sales figures. Is the folding screen mobile phone war really coming?

Folding screen, or lead the next growth point in the field of mobile phones

  Since the beginning of this year, the mobile phone industry has been struggling to hide its decline. According to the latest data released by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, in August 2022, the domestic mobile phone shipments were 18.979 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 21.9%; from January to August, the domestic mobile phone shipments 175 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 22.9%.

  However, there is a phenomenon worthy of attention. Folding screen mobile phones are growing against the trend.

CINNO Research data shows that in the third quarter of 2022, sales of folding screen mobile phones in the Chinese market increased by 114% year-on-year, and domestic sales of folding screen mobile phones in the first three quarters were higher than the same period last year.

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  Even the iPhone, which has always been a maverick, may move closer to the folding screen in the future.

According to media reports, according to the exposed iPhone folding screen patent content, the device is designed with a hinge, the device can be bent around a bending axis, and a display can span the bending axis.

The magic is that the display screen at the fold is covered with a layer of special material, which has "self-healing ability".

  It is not difficult to see that the trend of folding screen mobile phones has become unstoppable.

Some analysts pointed out that there is a reason for the popularity of folding screen mobile phones. In addition to being a "double" screen after unfolding, in today's endless pursuit of screen size, large screens can also meet and derive more applications that require large screens.

  There is also a point of view that more and more mobile phone manufacturers are launching their flagship models in the form of folding screens, which has become a venue for "showing off their muscles", and their models have good performance in terms of battery life and interaction.

Relying on the folding form, these mobile phones can also develop more interesting gameplays, which are full of freshness and attract consumers.

Someone joked, "If you can't produce one folding screen mobile phone, then you can produce two."

  Whether it is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 or the Honor Magic Vs just released on November 23, they are all launched as flagship models.

The Honor Magic Vs unfolds to a screen of 7.9 inches, but the lightest version of the phone is only 261 grams.

No wonder some netizens said on Weibo, "China-made screens have stood up."

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Hardware stacking is hard to shine, don't fold for the sake of folding

  While folding screen mobile phones are popular, it should also be noticed that some models are stacked for display and folded for folding.

Needless to say, if the hinge is not well handled, screen creases will easily appear. Some folding screen mobile phone APP adaptations can be said to be completely non-existent. Swiping a short video requires two hands to operate, and the characters in the game screen appear stretched.

  Of course, there are also some folding screen mobile phones that fold outwards and technology inwards, making products with care from the perspective of "people".

Take the recently launched Honor Magic Vs as an example, both in terms of security and payment services are at the forefront of the industry.

Its mobile phone U-shield capability supports personal transfers of up to 5 million yuan, and is currently the only supported model in the mobile phone industry.

  There are also some folding screen mobile phones that have innovative design interactions. Huawei Pocket S’s outer screen can open notifications, calls, cameras, weather and other applications without unfolding, as well as payment, travel, health and other reminders. It can also enter super privacy mode by folding, and the mobile phone You can turn on the privacy protection when you fold it, and you can resume using it after unfolding it again, seamlessly switching.

  Interestingly, some "black technologies" also appear on folding screen phones.

The new sleep aid display function of Honor Magic Vs can reduce the suppression of melatonin on the human body by the mobile phone screen, and achieve the effect of helping users sleep. "Tests show that this function can help users 'sleep 30 minutes more'."

In addition, this model is also in the VICO (Vision Health and Comfort) certification of the China Institute of Standardization, becoming the only mobile phone product that has reached the A+ certification level.

  Therefore, it is not difficult to choose a folding screen mobile phone. It depends on whether the model is "people-oriented", whether it has worked hard on user experience, and whether it is stacking hardware or making products with heart.

Honor Magic Vs conference

Innovation is people-oriented, and these "ideas" are favored by users

  Throughout the mobile phone market, innovation is still the driving force behind development, and folding screen phones are no exception.

With the absence of the iPhone in the folding screen mobile phone market, the performance of domestic mobile phone manufacturers in this round is remarkable.

  For example, OPPO Find N2 claims to use a self-developed Seiko quasi-vertical drop-shaped hinge, which can minimize creases and claims to cost three times that of other hinges.

Xiaomi MIX Fold2 claims to use carbon fiber double-wing floating board, which has 7 times the tensile strength of steel, but only one-fifth of the weight of steel.

  What's interesting is that some mobile phone manufacturers are now integrating traditional Chinese cultural wisdom into their innovations. Honor claims that the self-developed zero-gear Luban hinge adopts a mortise-and-mortise integrated molding process, which can withstand 400,000 times of worry-free folding, the industry's most.

At present, the public data of most folding screen mobile phones shows that they can withstand 200,000 times of folding.

  However, it is worth noting that most folding screen mobile phones are partial innovations, and it is difficult to integrate multiple innovations into one, falling into a zero-sum game in terms of large screen, weight reduction, and battery life.

For example, ultra-thin and weight reduction may lead to a decrease in battery capacity and battery life.

This time, the Honor Magic Vs has achieved a maximum battery capacity of 5000mAh, and at the same time, it has maintained a weight reduction ranking in the forefront of the industry.

As the first answer sheet handed over for the second anniversary of Honor, this product has really taken its "heart".

  Therefore, all changes remain true, and people-oriented innovation is always king. On the basis of creating practical value and use value for consumption, driving development with technological innovation may not only become a benchmark behavior in the industry, but this concept may become a glory and enter a benign Cycle and stabilize high-end capital.