Fancy sending out "red envelopes" Recommending friends and superimposing reward services, working hard to promote featured pension financial products

  Bank staged personal pension "customer source competition"

  Did you open a personal pension account the day before yesterday?

Did you get the cash red envelope from the bank?

On November 25, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Finance, and the State Administration of Taxation issued a notice specifying that personal pensions will be implemented first in 36 regions.

With the official launch of the personal pension platform, the account handling business of major bank outlets has also been opened.

From the afternoon of the same day, the first batch of 23 shortlisted commercial banks can officially open individual pension accounts.

Beijing Youth Daily reporter noticed that since each person can only open one personal pension account, in order to actively attract customers, various banks have launched activities such as "red envelopes" for opening accounts to attract users to open accounts, and some banks have "red envelopes" for opening accounts. ", some banks need to draw a lottery to get a "red envelope", the maximum amount can be several hundred yuan.

  Bank "recruitment"

  Fancy launched the "red envelope" activity for opening an account

  "Personal pension is coming!" The most eye-catching place on the homepage of ICBC mobile banking is the personal pension area.

From now until March 31 next year, if you open an account with ICBC, you will have the opportunity to receive a 50 yuan WeChat instant discount.

And many account managers at ICBC outlets sent out QR codes in the customer group yesterday morning, telling everyone that by scanning the code and opening an account, they can immediately receive a 50 yuan WeChat instant discount.

  The account manager of China Merchants Bank also promoted the activity of opening an account and receiving red envelopes in the circle of friends yesterday at noon, and also added a short video of "Personal Pension Choosing a China Merchants Bank" to explain various issues related to personal pensions.

According to mobile banking information, the pilot cities and non-pilot cities of China Merchants Bank's "pension gift package" activity are different.

Customers in pilot cities who successfully open an account can draw prizes. There are a total of 2 million red envelopes, with a minimum of 0.88 yuan and a maximum of 288 yuan. There is also a lottery draw, and the prizes are 0.88 yuan red envelopes, 1.88 yuan red envelopes and 66 yuan red envelopes, with a total of 1 million copies.

  In China CITIC Bank, as long as the customer who opens an account can immediately receive a 20 yuan WeChat instant discount, if a one-time transfer of 1,000 yuan can receive another 18 yuan WeChat instant discount, if the transferred amount reaches the upper limit of 12,000 yuan, WeChat instant discount The reduced gold amount will rise to 68 yuan.

  Ping An Bank also launched the activity of "opening an account and enjoying cash red envelopes immediately". Before the end of the year, as long as you open a personal pension account with the bank, you can receive a 25 yuan red envelope.

  In order to compete for customers, some banks have launched corresponding incentive rules for customers who recommend friends to open accounts.

According to the Bank of Communications WeChat public account, from November 25, 2022 to March 31, 2023, if the recommender successfully recommends the number of friends who open the personal pension fund account of the Bank of Communications for the first time reaches 1, 3, 5, If there are 7 or 10 people, you can get the corresponding payment voucher package reward, and each recommender can get a reward of up to 280 yuan.

  customer choice

  Comprehensive consideration of various factors according to needs

  A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily found that using red envelopes alone may not be able to attract customers.

Many citizens said that choosing a bank to open an account requires comprehensive consideration of various factors.

Ms. Zhang, a citizen, said that the personal pension account will be used for decades, and safety and reliability are the most important thing, so she chose a large state-owned bank where her salary card is located, and it is also convenient to transfer money to the account.

  Mr. Yang, who has long-term investment and financial management experience, believes that he will choose a bank with strong investment and research capabilities as his bank of account opening.

  On the afternoon of November 25, Ms. Zhang, who lives in Xiluoyuan Street, Fengtai District, Beijing, saw the news of the launch of the personal pension system in her circle of friends. The bank APP opened a personal pension fund account and purchased a fund of 1,000 yuan, becoming the first person in Beijing to purchase a personal pension.

  Talking about the reason for the purchase, Ms. Zhang said, "I have to buy it for tax benefits!" Ms. Zhang, who had already calculated the detailed accounts, said clearly: "My income is more than 8,000 yuan after tax deduction, and the personal income tax rate is 10%. , if you buy a personal pension with this money, you don’t have to pay the 10% personal tax. When you receive your personal pension, you only need to pay 3% tax. The difference is 7%! You said Should I buy it?"

  There is an upper limit for personal pension contributions, up to 12,000 yuan a year.

At present, Ms. Zhang only bought a fund of 1,000 yuan.

In this regard, she has a longer-term plan: "Now that the personal pension product has just been launched, I have to take a look at it slowly. You can't put all your eggs in one basket. I plan to buy five or six funds for the 12,000 yuan." Looking at the phone Looking at the interface of "successful purchase" of the personal pension in the website, and calculating the future income, as the first person to "eat crabs", Ms. Zhang has a well-thought-out plan.

  Work hard

  Continue to enrich the "shelves" of pension financial products

  It is understood that in addition to issuing "red envelopes" to attract customers, various banks are also making great efforts to provide special pension financial services, and continue to enrich products to meet the needs of different types of customers.

  ICBC stated that it will provide insured persons with a wide variety of high-quality personal pension products, actively cooperate with a number of product and sales organizations, and do a good job in product selection, distribution and sales.

Previously, ICBC has accumulated rich product experience. For example, it launched a specific pension savings product in the industry, and issued a variety of term savings products that meet the requirements of pension savings.

  The Agricultural Bank of China said that it has fully opened services such as opening, depositing, receiving, and purchasing public funds for personal pension funds, and will continue to provide services such as personal pension savings, wealth management products, and insurance product transactions and consultations.

In order to facilitate the public to handle personal pension business, the Agricultural Bank of China has concentrated its elite research and development forces, opened up service channels such as counters, mobile PADs, mobile banking, WeChat public accounts, and micro-banks, and established a "matrix" service system that connects online and offline .

Initiated the "account-based appointment" business model, and became the first commercial bank in the same industry that can open an account over the counter.

  Based on accounts, China CITIC Bank integrates various businesses such as pension planning, pension products, and pension services. It has the service capability of covering multiple channels and convenient account opening, and provides comprehensive financial services according to customers' pension needs.

Specifically, individual customers can open personal pension fund accounts through online and offline channels in China CITIC Bank.

At the same time, the account is rich in functions, supports deposits and deposits through any channel, visually displays the deposited amount and the remaining payable amount of the year, supports account query, transaction details query, tax deferred certificate download and other functions, and enjoys personal pension tax benefits and pension products Investment and other services, and do not charge account management fees, SMS fees, transfer fees, etc.

  Industrial Bank continues to enrich product shelves around personal pension savings, personal pension wealth management products, personal pension insurance products, and personal pension public offering fund products that can be invested by personal pension account funds, and actively introduces 113 funds under the personal pension account investment fund catalog. It has only high-quality funds, and selects and reserves multiple series of pension financial products covering different periods and 4 commercial pension insurance products, realizing full coverage of investment categories, and will actively cooperate with leading domestic fund companies and life insurance companies to carry out consignment cooperation docking , Introducing more high-quality and inclusive pension financial products.

  Text/Reporter Cheng Jie Jieli

  Coordinator/Yu Meiying