With the in-depth popularization of Internet technology in recent years, it can be said that it directly promotes the upgrading of service experience in the field of travel. The Internet travel mode integrated with digital and mobile network technology is becoming more and more popular.

As a leader in the domestic automobile travel service industry, as well as a pioneer and advocate of digital applications, eHi Travel has continued to build a "dual intelligence" platform for many years, creating a new ecology of smart travel, and leading the industry to complete digital transformation.

A few days ago, eHi Travel was officially certified by the Shanghai Internet Association as one of the top 50 Internet companies in Shanghai with comprehensive strength.

EHi Travel was selected as one of the top 50 Internet companies in Shanghai

  Since its establishment in 2006, eHi has adhered to the development concept of "data-driven, rational prosperity", based on detailed market research and data analysis, followed the objective laws of industry development, and steadily increased the fleet size, number of stores and industrial layout .

  Empowered by the digital economy, eHi has integrated the Internet of Vehicles, driving behavior analysis, and automotive intelligence into its service system, gradually creating a smart car platform that seamlessly connects online and offline.

At present, eHi has established more than 10,000 direct service outlets in more than 500 cities across the country, deeply covering more than 85 high-speed rail stations and more than 95% of airports, bringing maximum convenience and precision to users' travel "scene conversion" Connect various nodes to realize the travel mode of "high-speed rail/airplane + car rental".

  The online APP seamlessly connects the offline physical outlets. On the eHi APP, it includes various products and services such as self-driving car rental, high-end special cars, second-hand cars, RV travel, travel guides, and value-added packages.

Users only need to download and install it, and they can enjoy the car rental service anytime, anywhere with one click, and start a private and customized travel journey with one click.

  According to the person in charge of eHi, through eHi's digital center, you can see the real-time distribution of vehicle resources across the country, as well as booking status, vehicle status, maintenance information, etc., which make large-scale fleet management more efficient and accurate .

At the same time, relying on strong digital capabilities, eHi is far ahead in terms of business innovation capabilities, such as supporting the return of cars between more than 500 cities across the country, which is a representative innovative product of travel companies in the digital economy era.

  In the future, eHi will continue to work hard to create a digital car platform for smart travel, bringing more convenience to users.