Patience is a virtue.

You can often not have enough of this virtue at the supermarket checkout, because everyone has had these little experiences: Be it the lady who rummages around for the change for a very long time, or the man in a suit who absolutely does not want to remember the PIN of his money card.

It continues with the bonus card or various apps, which of course all have to be scanned for the latest discounts.

A few years ago, withdrawing money at the cash register was also added, and now even deposits are possible.

Paying at the checkout can be a test of patience.

But anyone who breaks out in a cold sweat because of the possibilities and is afraid that hordes of children will soon bring their savings in huge coin glasses just before the shop closes, let me tell you: It won't be that bad.

Cash payments and bills and coins are increasingly on the decline.

More and more people are paying by card, withdrawing money less and less and depositing cash even more rarely.

And if you are still afraid of human interaction at the checkout, you can go to one of the self-scan checkouts in numerous supermarkets - and scan your mind there while a cashier lovingly counts the children's change.

Or rather be patient again.