China News Agency, Shijiazhuang, November 26th, topic: Chinese and foreign experts and the industry are discussing China's post-Winter Olympics economy: the prospect of more blooming is promising

  Author Li Xiaowei Zhao Danmei

  "Despite the impact of the new crown epidemic, China's ice and snow economy has continued to expand from ice and snow sports to ice and snow consumption, ice and snow tourism, ice and snow training, ice and snow fashion. Feynman, general manager of China, said in an online speech at the 2022 China (Hebei) International Ice and Snow Industry Development Conference on the 26th.

  As the weather turns cold, all parts of China ushered in the first snow season after the Beijing Winter Olympics.

On the same day, a number of Chinese and foreign ice and snow industry experts, scholars and people in the industry discussed China's post-Winter Olympics economic development.

  As a well-known ice and snow equipment manufacturer, TechnoAlpin established a Chinese branch as early as 2014.

Feynman said that driven by the Beijing Winter Olympics, the popularity of ice and snow in China has continued to grow. In the post-Winter Olympics era, they will continue to make efforts in the Chinese market.

  Liu Xia, head of the snow field business of the American snowboard brand Burton in China, said that skiing, especially snowboarding, has become a new sport in China, which has attracted more and more people to participate in it, which is different from foreign parents who drive their children to ski. , in China, it is generally children who drive parents, which means that skiing has broad development potential in China.

  Liu Xia said that they will give full play to their own advantages and join hands with ice and snow industry gathering areas such as Zhangjiakou, Hebei to promote the development of snowboarding in China.

  In addition to overseas companies who are optimistic about China's ice and snow market, Chinese ice and snow companies are also accelerating their deployment.

  He Fan, deputy general manager of Cuiyunshan International Tourism Resort, one of the seven major ski resorts in Chongli, Zhangjiakou, said that they combined the heritage of the Beijing Winter Olympics to launch four themed routes of "Winter Olympics after Chongli" and actively created high-end ski resorts. Ice and snow competitions and independent IP activities, carry out ice and snow research, winter camps and ice and snow sports teaching, and strive to promote diversified development.

  According to Zhang Guihai, a professor at the Harbin Institute of Physical Education and director of the Heilongjiang Ice and Snow Industry Research Institute, as of the beginning of 2021, 654 standard ice rinks and 803 indoor and outdoor ski resorts have been built across China, and the number of people participating in ice and snow sports has reached 346 million.

  Zhang Guihai said that in the post-Winter Olympics era, China's ice and snow industry has a promising future in terms of both supply and demand, and post-Winter Olympics consumption will usher in an upgrade.

  Talking about the development of China's post-Winter Olympics ice and snow equipment manufacturing industry, Zhang Guihai said that China's ice and snow equipment manufacturing must follow the road of intelligence, which is the key to realizing "curve overtaking".