In private health insurance, it takes revenge if providers have looked for quick business in the past.

The phase in which they threw cheap tariffs onto the market to lure customers is something they still have to nibble on to this day.

The many mergers in the insurance market have also made it difficult to deal with groups of insured persons in a reasonable manner.

These challenges from the past can no longer be remedied in any other way than through solid management with newer generations of tariffs.

Every year, when high premium adjustments are incurred, these insurers have to be shown that more solid competitors have done better.

But the customer must not lose his head.

He should use cool calculation to determine whether a change is worthwhile.

High performance-related remuneration from change consultants should at least make him prick up his ears.

Statutory health insurance should not immediately be glorified as a utopian place.

If you've already paid a high upfront commission, consider whether the better service is worth paying a higher price for.