, November 26th (Zuo Yukun, reporter from Chinanews Finance and Economics) On the 25th, Wu Yifan's crimes once again attracted attention.

  On November 25, the People's Court of Chaoyang District, Beijing publicly pronounced the verdict of defendant Wu Yifan's case of rape and mob for fornication.

Wu Yifan was punished for several crimes and sentenced to 13 years in prison, plus deportation.

On the same day, the taxation department of Beijing Municipality handled the tax evasion case of Wu Yifan (WU YI FAN) in accordance with the law, pursued Wu Yifan's tax payment, imposed late payment fees, and fined Wu Yifan, totaling 600 million yuan.

  More than a year after the Beijing police notified Wu Yifan's case on July 22, 2021, what is the business landscape behind Wu Yifan now?

Data map: Wu Yifan.

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Wu Yifan's affiliated company only has 1 surviving company

  According to the Tianyancha App, Wu Yifan is associated with 4 companies in total, 3 of which have been deregistered in 2020, and the only surviving one is Xiamen Yihe Yunqi Culture and Media Partnership jointly held by him and his cousin Wu Lin (Limited Partnership).

  It is worth mentioning that among the 19 companies associated with Wu Lin, 9 are in the surviving state, including Wu Yifan's agency Beijing Fanshi Culture Media Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Fanshi Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Shanghai Fanshi Culture Media Studio, Tianjin Fanshi Culture Media Co., Ltd., etc. In addition, he also holds shares in LeTV Film (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhongding Hongbo Electric Technology Co., Ltd., etc.

  Risk information shows that Wu Lin has been listed as the person subject to execution, and the total execution target exceeds 139 million yuan.

In addition, in October of this year, Wu Yifan's agency, Beijing Fanshi Culture Media Co., Ltd., was included in the list of abnormal operations by Beijing Chaoyang District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau because it failed to publish its annual report within the prescribed time limit.

Screenshot from Tianyancha.

Has been in the top ten of Forbes China Celebrity List for several years

  According to the public information, Wu Yifan officially debuted as a member of EXO in 2012. Before that, the number of fans on Weibo exceeded 50 million.

  As a former top star, Wu Yifan has a high commercial value. According to media statistics, he has successively won about 40 brand endorsements, including luxury goods Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, and national brand Master Kong iced tea, etc.

  This has also accumulated a lot of wealth for Wu Yifan. Since 2017, Wu Yifan has been listed in the top ten Forbes Celebrity List for 4 consecutive years.

According to the 2017 Forbes China Celebrity List, Wu Yifan's annual income reached 150 million, ranking No. 10 on the list; in the 2020 Forbes China Celebrity List, Wu Yifan went one step further and ranked No. 8 on the list.

  However, Wu Yifan's business landscape collapsed in just a few days from being "top class" in the past to being "abandoned" by capital.

In July 2021, after Wu Yifan's case was exposed, Han Shu first announced the termination of the cooperative relationship with Wu Yifan. He has expressed his position to terminate the cooperation.

In July 2021, many brands announced the termination of their contracts with Wu Yifan.

Over the past year,

disputes between the

brand and Wu Yifan have continued

  Hu Keli, a lawyer from Beijing Yingke Law Firm, mentioned in an interview with a reporter from Zhongxin Finance that if the artist has to terminate the contract due to reasons that cause losses to the brand, the brand can hold the artist accountable for breach of contract according to the contract.

  For more than a year, disputes over service contracts between endorsement brands and Wu Yifan continued.

  Tianyan Check shows that in February this year, Vantage Co., Ltd. sued Inner Mongolia Fanshi Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. and Inner Mongolia Chaoting Culture Media Co., Ltd., requesting the court to order the termination of the service contract between the two parties, and order the above two companies and Beijing Fanshi Culture Media Co., Ltd. jointly refunded 17.5 million yuan of service fees and interest to the plaintiff.

  In May of this year, the topic of Carlsberg beer suing Wu Yifan became a trending topic.

According to Tianyan Check, Carlsberg (China) Beer Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. sued Inner Mongolia Chaoting Culture Media Co., Ltd. and WUYIFAN (Wu Yifan). Previously, the court announced that the trial of the case had ended and served the civil ruling on the defendant.

  In September of this year, Shanghai Shangmei Cosmetics Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of Han Shu, requested to freeze more than 13.32 million yuan of property of Inner Mongolia Chaoting Culture Media Co., Ltd. for a period of one year.

Chinanews commented on Wu Yifan's case: don't lose your bottom line in traffic

  The verdict against Wu Yifan demonstrates the fairness and justice of the judiciary.

His star journey was too smooth, he lost himself under the accusation of fans and the praise of capital, lost his moral bottom line, thought he had resources, traffic, and connections, so that he broke the law one after another.

  It can be seen that from the day when Wu Yifan was criminally detained by the public security organs, Wu Yifan's so-called fame and fortune have been wiped out, rape, mob for promiscuity... These crimes are added together, and it can be said that he has a bad record and a notorious reputation.

  From being "top class" to being a prisoner, Wu Yifan has caused the public to think deeply about the entertainment industry.

Observing the law is clearly the bottom line of being a human being, but I don't know when it started to become a high standard and high requirement for "traffic".

  Learn art first, learn morality, act first and be a man.

Behind the high income, countless applause and flowers, "traffic" should lead by example. Only by respecting the law, work and audience from the heart can the performing arts career be smooth sailing.

  If you are lucky and defy the law, you will definitely pay a heavy price.